Phantasy Star Replay

Reviving Odin


Author's comments

When I first began with the ideas for my comic, I told myself that I wasn't going to make Odin just a big dumb idiot, you know, the all brawn no brains type. As you can see, that thought lasted a total of one panel, but trust me, he is much funnier this way :) If any one is confused by what Odin is saying, he is finishing his sentence from comic #14 (Filling In The Blanks)

P.S. If anyone noticed that the color seems a little off in this comic, its not my fault, I tried my best, but I could not overcome the incompetence of my local Staples employees. I can't understand for the life of me how they can scan something right 12 times in a row and then totally screw it up now when nothing has been changed and just tell me that "sometimes this happens" and then tune me out when I tried to argue and even when I paid to have them retry t(-_-t) /rant