Phantasy Star Replay

Because I Said So


Author's comments

This page was the very first joke that I thought up for the comic, and it was that joke that started the land-slide of ideas I got that convinced me to start this. My original idea for this page was a little different, though, it started out the same, but Odin didn't shoot himself, and when Alis commented on how weak it was, he would shoot her in the leg or something, out of anger. When I was ready to draw the page I was having a little trouble coming up with a title (I often wait till the last second to come up with a title) then I thought of A Christmas Story, and the joke evolved into what you see now.

As a kid, I never used the guns, because of what Alis says in the 5th panel, they are weak, but recently I have realized their usefullness. In this comic Odin will use guns because 1: they are fun to draw as household objects, and 2: if Odin didn't use guns, he would have the same weapons as Alis untill the end, and this is a way to have everyone use different weapons.