Phantasy Star IV: A New Age

Game Information

This fan game could be regarded as some kind of sequel to Phantasy Star IV with a twist. Its aim is to try to clarify almost everything that wasn't sufficiently explained by the classic Phantasy Star games. Uncover the mysteries of the Algol Star System with Chaz and the others in this nostalgic trip.

This game was made using RPG Maker XP. Part One is complete and fully playable. Parts Two and Three are still on development. The final version of the game will include all 3 parts in one.

Game created by Elías Jota Esebe.


AW 2285. A year has passed since the decisive battle took place. The Darkness was once again defeated by the chosen ones, and the entire Algol Star System is now free of its ancestral duty as a seal. After completing their mission, the heroes went their separate ways and enjoyed peaceful times, although none of them forgot about doing their best in order to make their planets a better place to live in.

Chaz and Rika are living together in Aiedo, working as hunters. A new request from the Hunter's Guild sets the stage for another journey in which they'll find the answers to many questions. Along the way, the heroes will reunite with their friends. New and old enemies will face them. Will they be able to overcome this ultimate challenge?


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Download Phantasy Star IV: A New Age (Part One) (updated 7/1/2017)