Phantasy Star III2K Released!

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Phantasy Star III2K Released!

Postby Lord Khyron » Wed May 18, 2005 2:37 am

Go here, and download Charas.ex, install it, and run it. It's GODLY!<p><p>Download it, install it, play with it.<p>Over like hundreds of millions of sprite combos. Small, Kid, Medium, Tall, Monsters.<p>It's awesome!
Lord Khyron

Postby neosildrake » Tue Mar 04, 2008 9:22 am

Well, its a long time anyone has posted in this topic. I'm really new to the fangame stuff and I always was a bit disappointed with the overall presentation of PSIII. The idea was good and I liked the different generations, but somany things sucked too, like the backgrounds for the battles, the uselessness of most techs and the lackof NPCs f.e.

So I downloaded this fangame and started playing. There are good things in there, but also some stuff that isn't too great. Like f.e. the name for Mieu seems to be looking like M eu, because the "i" is practically glued to the left side of the M. Also the Levelcap at Level 10... I was finsihed with the Wheathercontrol and had already level 10 for Rhys and Mieu. I'm kind of a level freak... :oops:

It would also be nice, if you could choose which enemy to ataack with each weapon. I mean, if you have a knife and a needler euipped, that you can choose two times - one time for the knife and one time for the needler. Or the ability ti switch weapons during battle would be nice too.

Graphics are fine with me most of the time. The overworld graphic beats the PSIII original (imo). Mieu likes like she's a hunchback. Wren could maybe use a bit mire dark grey/black, Rhys cape looks like an extention of his hair and Lyle's sprite also looks kinda strange conpared to the original. There's nothing against taking the original sprites over into your game.

What I liked in your game was also the dialogues. It's nice to actually talk to some NPCs and the little sidequests are nice too. I miss the Escapipe. I know Mieu has this option, but it seems it can be only used in one occasion. Or haven't I found the right euipment yet? I'm currently in Shusoran with Lena in the party. (Have started playing 2 days ago :wink: .

I also have a few questions regarding the controls.
1. When I go to the status screen I see Rhy and Mieu positioned in the front, while Wren and Lyle are in the back. How do I change that? Can I change that at all? When I reassemble them in Agoe, it doesn`t matter who I get first, they still have the designated front or back place.
2. Can I change the order of the characters,like Rhy, Mieu, Wren, Lyle into Wren, Mieu, Rhys, Lyle or something like that?

Thanks so far. ... Sorry for my terrible english, I'm german native. :)
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