phantasy star poem

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phantasy star poem

Postby Alis in Wonderland » Mon May 16, 2005 9:46 am

i want to enter something in a competition- it has to be an acrostic `(the first letters spell out a word) what do u think of my attempt?<p>Palma, Dezolis and Motavia<br>Hold the legend of our saviour<br>Alis Landale, warrior and queen<br>Noah the Esper, wise and serene<br>Terrible Odin, unmatched in might<br>Angelic Myau, feline in flight<br>Swordswoman, feline, olympiad and mage<br>Yearning for peace in a thousand year age<p>Sword of laconia to smite evil's source<br>Tyrant La' Shiec, High Priest of Dark Force<br>Alis Landale and Protectors we are<br>Remember the legend of Phantasy Star
Alis in Wonderland

phantasy star poem

Postby Lord Khyron » Tue May 17, 2005 1:44 am

Time for some of Khyron's favorite deleted Poetry from the PS pages by Maxx..<p>This one deals with Life on Motavia in PS IV, one of the worse places to live.<p> <blockquote><br>A Mothers Sad Truth<p>The morning once brought new life<br>A long time ago we looked forward to it<br>But now, it is pointless<br>A useless existence.. So sad..<p>Its ironic, What was our savior was destroyed<br>Sending us spiraling down into decay<br>Times were better back then it seems<br>Abundant water and food and laughs<p>But it exists no more, Just a faded memory<br>A time when things were better and life easier<br>Once we were proud and strong<br>We were stagnant and lazy, But it was better<p>You could walk and see the trees in the distance<br>Walk and lift up some flowers to sniff<br>Children could play hide and seek in the lush greenlands<br>Mothers could watch them with joy and hope<p>But now all that is gone and destroyed<br>Why did this all happen to us?<br>How did we ever become like we are now<br>A Pointless struggle of a great people<p>I see the children now full of hope for the future<br>But what hope is there for them?<br>Nothing is left, the sand piles up to smother us<br>The Earthquakes come and go along with life<p>Another funeral of a dead child<br>Another proud person lost to this world<br>She was full of life and hope<br>But in the end she was alone with nothing like us all<p>Struggling to live when its not worth it<br>Starving and dying slowly like my children<br>What kind of future do they have in this world?<br>Why must they suffer?<p>God.. Why did you leave us.. Why leave us like this?<br>Why did you let her be destroyed?<br>Our Guardian and caretaker <br>Who gave us a better life than we had<p>It would have been better to be lazy and stagnant<br>Our children would have a future <br>And have a better life than they do now<br>They would be happy and have hope<p>But its too late for us now<br>The once great Palman race is slowly dieing<br>Freeing us from her didn't improve our life<br>It made it worthless to live now<p>I'm going to die soon I hope<br>Die of greif and sadness at what comes to pass<br>Alone i am with these memories and pain<br>Alone with the sadness and hurt so alone<p>My children asked me why life was so hard<br>Why they had to suffer and watch friends die<br>What could i tell them to make them understand?<br>In the end all i said was its the way it is<p>They died shortly after that in this harsh life<br>Devastated we were and saddened deeply<br>A man came to us dressed in black<br>He offered to help us in our struggle<p>We're so tired of living, So tired of trying<br>So tired of watching everyone die, So tired of life<br>Soon he will come, And do what he promised<br>And soon I will be with my children, in a better place<p>We huddle now, In the center of the town<br>Awaiting the fires that will come<br>We do this to escape, to be with our loved ones<br>We're tired and weak from fighting.. So very tired<p>I only wish we could change time<br>Wish life was like it was long ago<br>But Alas we're a forsaken and hated people<br>Our God abandoning us leaving us with this<p>The children sit with us resting in their parents laps<br>They know what will happen and are okay with it<br>They want the promise of a better life<br>One we hope exists as we pass away<p>Soon our savior will come <br>And our village will vanish forever<br>But what importance is a little village like ours<br>And will we ever be missed by anyone?<p>Sadly we answer no and close our eyes crying<br>We're so tired of life and struggling<br>Doomed to always suffer why not end it?<br>And so we sit.. and wait for him to approach.. Our Savior<p>The man they call Zio.<p></blockquote> <p>This is eccentric poetry XD All the Commas and periods come seperate. <p>[size=small][Edit by Lord Khyron on [TIME]1116303363[/TIME]][/size]
Lord Khyron

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