Artists wanted for PSO Machinima!

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Artists wanted for PSO Machinima!

Postby JonathanF » Tue Jul 05, 2005 7:07 pm

Hey everyone, I'm currently looking for an artist who will be willing to sign on for the Phantasy Star Online Machinima that I am currently planning and recruiting for. A machinima is basically a video made using a game engine. One of the most popular is red vs blue which uses the halo engine.<p>I know nothing about art and what programs there are for lip syncing. And so i'm looking for an art director who will handle all of the mouth moving and lip syncing of this machinima project. I'm gonna require a fairly fast turn around time once the project gets completely underway, so as a test, the first to complete and turn this back to me (just PM me) will get the job. Here's the test clip i need edited.<p><p>yes it really is that short. It'll get longer as I work on the teaser.<p>Also I don't want any new animation styles in this. Make it so the mouths look like they could actually exist in the game, like this example. <p>[size=small][Edit by JonathanF on [TIME]1120590490[/TIME]][/size]<br><p>[size=small][Edit by JonathanF on [TIME]1120590627[/TIME]][/size]

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