Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

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Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby mikepjr » Sun Sep 11, 2005 1:11 pm

Hello all you phantasy star fans.<br>It took me some time but i came up with a story for a fan game that i am now working on .<p>Phantasy Star: Earths past has to do with survivors from the escape of palma.<br>Basically they were in a cryogenic sleep, and in their sleep the ships crashed on where else, earth.<p>Anyhow, they were asleep for so long and in space for so long that by the time they landed on earth, the people of earth have long since perished.<p>I can not give away much more then that, but what i will say is that this game will also tell a story of a connection between the evils of Algol and the evil of earth.<p>Right now I'm getting the graphics ready for it.<p>I was wanting to use graphics that were made for dark millennium.<p>But i can not seem to find all the graphics in the last demo that was made by Santa.<p>I was hoping for like the village tiles and the space port tiles and so on.<p>So far i only have the palma overworld tiles and the main city tiles, oh yeah and the dungeon or maze tiles.<p>I did try to get hold of Santa to get his permission to use his graphics, but it seems as if he has fallen off the face of the planet, well almost.<p>Don't ask how but their will be motavians and dizorians in this game as well, no newmens though, sorry.<p>Ill try to get some screen shots up someplace though.<p>As far as characters go i will say that a descendant of Lutz will be in this game as well as a new version of wren.<p>Anyhow, give me time and I'm sure many of you will like what i have in-store.<p>As for the engine i am using, i will not say right now, i will say that it is not rpg maker 2000 or 2003.<p>At the moment i am also trying to get the battle system up an running.<p>The battle system will be like final fantasy 4 but set up in a 3rd person bottom facing up POV and no their will not be any gages as in the line fills up then you guy can attack type of engine.<p>But you will only be able to attack one at a time.<p>No macros or what ever it is called, that is unless i figure out how to do them.<p>Anyhow, more to come.<p>Oh and do not worry, I'm not planning on ever quiting this project like Santa had to do.<p>For one, i do not have a life.<p>I have allot of free time like you would not believe.<p>Anyhow, thats it for now unless anyone has any questions.<p>Oh, and ill be back later to answer any questions.<br>Much later.<p>I have allot of work ahead of me.<p>I was thinking of continuing PSDM, but I'm not sure of how that game was going to play out so anyhow.<p>TTYFL<br>talk to you folks later<p>-EDIT-<br>Ok, I'm back with some screens, i am kind of insulted by the fact that 20 something people have look at this thread, and yet no one has said anything.<br>Anyhow, here are some screen shots.<p>Image<br>My second title screen, i just made this one and i think it is<br>way better the this next one I'm about to show you<p>Image<br>Ok this one was the first one i made, and I'm not so sure this one is all that good.<p>Image<br>Flash in a fogy dungeon.<p>Image<br>A shot of the overworld. The graphics here are going to be changed just a little.<p>Image<br>Just a small shot of a town.<p>Anyhow, more screens to come, as soon as i am done with the battle engine ill post screens of it.<p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1126686074[/TIME]][/size]<p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1126686437[/TIME]][/size]<br><p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1127489750[/TIME]][/size]

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Forge » Thu Sep 15, 2005 11:43 am

That looks really good!<p>I look forwards to seeing more of your works. The graphics look really cool.

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby gm2987 » Thu Sep 15, 2005 5:14 pm

Good use of graphics, I'll look forward to this.

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Lord Khyron » Fri Sep 16, 2005 1:36 am

Nice.. Show us more.
Lord Khyron

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby mikepjr » Fri Sep 16, 2005 4:58 am

Well, I'm still working on the battle engine and as soon as i am done with it ill post shots of it in action.<p>And in case anyone missed it. not all of these graphics are mine or even by me, i got them from Santa's canceled fan game.<p>I just got done redoing the overworld graphics a bit.<p>And i have an all new title screen that i believe is so awesome and so true to the phantasy star brand, that when i post it people are going to be like"yes, go with that title screen".<p>And i have to make face graphics for the characters that i will be drawing on paper and scanning in and coloring on my PC.<p>But as soon as i have allot more done you will get some really good eye candy, trust me on that.<p>I mainly started this post to just let you guys know that i am working on something and to also give folks something to look forward to.<p>Here, give me a sec and ill post my new title screen.<p>-EDIT-<br>Ok, i am back and here is that title screen i was talking about.<br>Feast your eyes on this.<p>Image<br>Ok, any comments are very welcome.<p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1126847601[/TIME]][/size]<br><p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1126848195[/TIME]][/size]

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Synbios » Mon Sep 19, 2005 2:36 am

Looks interesting, and this title screen is really awesome!

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Forge » Mon Sep 19, 2005 10:36 am

Synbios is right - this latest one is really quite good.

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby mikepjr » Mon Sep 19, 2005 5:11 pm

Yeah, but i got the first phantasy star release date all wrong.<br>It was released in 1988 not 80.<br>I had to fix that.<p>Ill hopefully be done with the battle system soon.<br>When it is done ill put out a tech demo.<p>And the title text was drawn by me tis time, but last time i used fonts in photoshop.<p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1127150057[/TIME]][/size]<p>-UPDATE-<br>Here are some new screenshots.<br>You will notice allot of graphics updates.<br>Anyhow, enjoy.<p>Image<p>Image<p>Image<p>Image<p>Image<p>Image<p>Image<p>Let me know what you guys think.<p>Also, i am just about done with the battle system.<p>Ill be back later.<br><p>[size=small][Edit by mikepjr on [TIME]1127489985[/TIME]][/size]

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Synbios » Mon Sep 26, 2005 3:07 am

These new graphics are gorgeous, especially the clouds with its transparency-effects.<p>Btw, when seeing your pics, I'm reminding Super Mario All-Stars. :)

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Forge » Mon Sep 26, 2005 10:14 am

Looks great! Do the clouds move?

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby halla » Tue Sep 27, 2005 5:33 am

I dont think I like the clouds... I think it would bother me playing

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby Obi-Wan Kenobi » Tue Sep 27, 2005 7:42 pm

The cloud system reminds me of Lufia and Breath of Fire II. Are you planning on creating a day/night and weather system as well?
Obi-Wan Kenobi

Phantasy Star: Earths past, fan game(screen shots)Updated!!

Postby LaconianSandals » Wed Sep 28, 2005 2:09 am

what RPG creations system are you using? or are you coding it freehand (dunno how legitimate that term is). I'd be interested in using that setup (albeit I'll get my own graphics, obviously) for my own fan game.<p>Oh, and sorry to be off topic. Just really want to know<p>[size=small][Edit by LaconianSandals on [TIME]1127873418[/TIME]][/size]

Im back with some updates.

Postby mikepjr » Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:39 am

Im back on this project.. im thinking of moving it over to RMVX but it was on RMXP.

I have been working on this thing on and off for awhile now... XP is bad cause of lacking features like encounter areas, but VX has some missing things to that i need.

I am not a scripter, so this has been hard to do.
Im mostly into the graphics and story telling side of game development, not the coding and scripting side of making games.
If anyone would mind helping me, let me know.
As for the clouds rolling by, get used to it, thats how i want the over world.

I can change the clouds, but thats about it realy.
Im trying to give it more life then the old 8 and 16 bit PS games while still sticking with traditional style of RPG game play.

Turn based as well.. none of that.. sit and wait for a guage to fill up thing like FF is known for, girrr.. i hate that.

I was considering porting graphics and things over and remaking an older PS game like part 1 or 2... not 3 though, sorry.. i never even finished that game.

Anyhow, post your ideas folks.

And before people start saying, oh this will just be cancled like so many other projects.. it wont be cancled.. it will just take a hell of a long time.

It has been in the works for over 3 years now mainly cause of my lack of scripting knowlege... and i tried to learn scripting.. believe me.. i tired hard.. i just can not learn it.

Sadly i wont help with other projects cause, well.. and others have said this and it is true.. i like many have my own vision for a game and so i can not really see myself banning with others on their own projects.

So if anyone is is using RMXP or RMVX let me know if you can help me with the scripting... i doubt it will happen but.. if someone can let me know.

If no one can it is cool.. just means this game will take a super long time.
After a long thought.. i have chosen to move over to RMVX.
The main reason is im agrivated with RMXP only wanting to work at 30FPS
It is way too laggy on XP, so im moving everything to VX..
Sadly it will not look as good though,VX has some tileset limits, so i will have to minimize on graphics.

I will post more info when i have done more.
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Postby BenoitRen » Fri Mar 21, 2008 4:11 pm

Welcome back! Nice to see some determination. :)

I don't even remember this thread, though the "I won't quit, because I have no life" part does ring a bell.

Santa.. is back with us, so you could try to ask him again about his tilesets.

I would like to help, but I'm still busy on PS Cave (the end is near, finally), and after that I'd have to first spend time with SDL and getting an engine going. I don't know Ruby, so I can't help with RPG Maker XP and newer.
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