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Okay, here you go...

Postby Muuuu teki » Sat Sep 17, 2005 10:10 pm

Well, you all may have been wondering what all this fuss is about fearing Palm, and who the heck Ariun might be if you've by chance heard me mention him. So, I'll start by clarifying here.<p>Phantasy Star: The Wanderer, initial information.<p>This is by no means the end word on any part of the story. I have got a lot of the music down, and the art will look much like that from previous Phantasy Stars (though I have nothing excepting a crappy picture of Ariun now, as I'm not a great visual artist).<p>First of all, this game began inspired by the offbeat humor found in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books. Hence it may sound familiar to those of you who have read it.<p>Enter one Jacob Sterns. Just your ordinary jet-setting magazine writer, generally reviewing restaurants and museums. He's a rather neurotic guy and goes around looking for an honest cup of tea, as well as a nice compass / watch. His paranoia causes him to always carry around a single-handed sword, done to ward off theives, mobbing fans, and the occasional dark monster. He's never seen one but in a way believes rumors that he hears around every one of the planets he's visited that there are monsters of darkness residing on a star system far out on the edges of the galaxy. Of course, who'd have heard of a grown man believing in the bogeyman? He often reassures himself.<br>But then, one day, the game began...and Jacob found himself battling a giant monster that somehow appeared on his ship. It seemed mindless but had the distinctive aura of being what would seem an enemy of the darkness. (For our intents and purposes we'll call it a weaker variant on the "twinarms" enemy.)<br>Assuming that the player knows even the slightest bit on how to play an RPG like this, the battle will be over in about ten-twelve turns. However, in shades of Phantasy Star: End of the Millenium, before it completely dies, it will leave Jacob with a present. It will explode, totalling the spaceship.<br>Luckily -- as this is how things seem to go for Jacob -- he encounters another spaceship travelling his way: the ARS Madina, a special ship provided by the Defense Force of the inner Adenn Riaal galaxy, as the inner members of the galaxy refer to it.<br>In the ship, who would Jacob meet but one of his colleagues, a crazy, typically drunk alien named Monon, short for Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis ("Silicosis? Are you crazy? Who names his kid 'Silicosis?'"). Apparently, the names of most aliens in his part of the galaxy, effectively the wild west, are based on types of illnesses and infections. Anyway, he's also a major reviewer of estabishments like Jacob, though he frequents bars and hasn't been properly sober since the day before the first solar eclipse on his planet since his birth. His attitude is incredibly easygoing, but he's quite strong and can easily take a licking and keep on...well, all that quinine has messed up his heart, so it's not really ticking, but...<br>Of course, he's not alone. He's part of a team that also includes the typical cast of any space comedy: a disturbingly effeminate robot ("All right, who stole my Germanium-Silicon lingerie?") named Mike who looks oddly like the infamous RobotCops, and a captain named Burk who never seems to be able to leave his post as pilot, even though the ship is fully automated by a computer; he's starting to pass his prime and is in no way a strong fighter, instead he monitors the ship while the others are on-planet. Incidentally, the ship computer allows for the storage of certain memory by those onboard (in other words, one can access it to repeat certain movies, conversations, and music from the game, as well as determine character strength and save the game itself). [Partway through the game there will be a side-mission that will allow the party to grab an item that will allow the party to synchronize information with the computer, a visiphone of sorts.]<br>The party actually knows something about the darkspawn that Jacob encountered. The rumors ARE true that there's a galaxy that has harbored these dark creatures in the past, one called Algol, a place where, on one planet, the stiffest drinks ever can be found. However, they know little about it; they cannot even recall where it was -- they didn't have this ship at the time, but volunteered to check out the incidents since they knew a little about it.<br>Jacob, therefore, is an unwitting accomplice in their efforts now, despite his general desire to live a simple life...but then he's heard how twenty-seven pecent of all heroes got their start this way.<br>So, they meet up with a special galaxial guardian called DaFleur. The party, uncertain of what's going on (think of the PS4 Silence Temple sequence), demand angrily to know what's going on. DaFleur explains that she'll tell all to them when they accomplish a special task for them -- sit and have a cup of the mindwarping stuff that they can drink here. But they can't go and just get some at a Dezolisian store ("Hmmm, they call that stuff 'Soda??'"). DaFleur has most of the ingredients and can mix drinks better than any Dezolisian. They must acquire a special ingredient for the drink that DaFleur lacks...powdered Wolfang teeth mixed with water of Motavia.<br>So, they begin their hunt for a Wolfang tooth on Motavia, but as always, things aren't what they first seem...<br>(More to come, along with pictures and music if I'm lucky...)
Muuuu teki

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