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Chaos Hunters

Postby Eradose » Thu Mar 20, 2008 10:44 pm

This is a project I have worked on since I first joined Deviantart a few years ago. It's not done, but it's a great read. It's an original story series called Chaos Hunters.

Chaos Hunters is set in a similar setting as Phantasy Star. Both magic and technology are in abundance. But, the theme is about balance. The balance between Light and Darkness. When the story begins, we see that Prince Rick has taken the throne of the kingdom, and is removing all traces of darkness. And the only thing standing in his way is Hiro Liger. A former leader of the Chaos Hunters unit, and Leana, an embodiment of darkness that resides within Hiro.

This a censored version of chapter one. If I get some positive feedback, I may post the remaining five chapter that are finished. I must warn you though, even though the swear words are edited, it's still a bit mature.

"Hiro Liger." says the knight, "Do not resist us. Under order of the new king, you are under arrest. If you do not come with us, we will have no choice but to use lethal force." "You fools." says Hiro. He backs up to the dark alter. "Don't you remember what I did for this kingdom?!?!? I was it's hero! The prince is insane. He doesn't understand the balance." "Do not talk ill about King Rick." says another knight, "As the king you served under is dead. By your hands!" "It wasn't me!" says Hiro, "I was framed!" Hiro touches the alter. A dark energy surges forth. "What....." says Hiro, "WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME?!?!?" Hiro feels like his body is on fire. A flash of light burst forth, and Hiro blacks out.........

When the knights are able to open their eyes. They see a white haired catgirl in dark armor standing where Hiro once was. A clawed gauntlet on her left hand, and Hiro's sword in her right. "What happened here?" says one of the knights, "Who are you?" "Leana." the girl replies. "You are tainted with dark energy." says the lead knight, "Under order of King Rick, all persons and things tainted by darkness must be brought in to be purified, or destroyed on the spot." "Fool." says Leana. Her face shows no emotions. "You really think this will make your world a better place. Your king has dammed your world." "Wench!" says another knight, "I will slay you where you stand!" The knight runs up to Leana, and is struck down by a daggertail in her gauntlet. "CHARGE!!!!" says the leader of the knights.

When Hiro comes to, he sees the dead bodies of the knights all around him. He is covered in blood. A strange gem is mounted onto a metal glove on his right hand. "What happened?" says Hiro, "Did I do this? How did things get this way?"

Chaos Hunter
A original Sci-fantasy story written by Adam Hammer (Eradose)

Two years ago. In the kingdom of Orean........

"My people." says King Mikell, "As you know, these are troubled times. Bandits have been terrorising our planets for far too long. As of today, I am forming a new group of elite warriors who will be our peace keepers in these times. This team will be called........... Chaos Hunters!" The crowd cheers over the king announcement. The king holds up his hand to silence the crowd. "As of tomorrow," says King Mikell, "a contest will be held for those who wish to join this force for peace. All those who wish to enter, please report to head knight Sir Mealo the day of the contest. I bid all those who wish to enter, good luck."

As the crowd leaves the grounds, a young boy runs up to Sir Mealo. "Yes boy?" says Mealo, "What do you want?" "I wish to enter the contest." says the young boy. "You?" says Mealo, "You are not old enough to even be a knight yet." "I'm 16 years old!" says the boy, "I'm well old enough!" "Ha!" says another knight, "I bet he can't even use a plasma rifle, let alone a sword." "Hold on there." says Mealo, "I think we should give this boy a chance. Young boy, what is your name." "I....." says the boy, "I have no name." "Well then," says Mealo, "If you are to be a warrior of peace, we must give you a name. I think I have a great one for you. Hiro...... Liger? Yes, that sounds right. From this day forth, you shall be known as Hiro Liger."

"I thank you Sir Mealo." says Hiro. "No," says Mealo, "just call me Mealo Kaizer."

As Hiro is looking back to this moment in his past, all of a sudden, he hears a voice in his head. "You're memories are interesting." "What?" says Hiro, "Who's there?" He turns around back to the alter, but no one is there. "I'm here." says the voice. To Hiro's horror, the voice is coming from inside his own mind. "What happen to me when I touched the alter?" Hiro thinks to himself, "I must be possessed!" "Not quite." says the voice. "Then," says Hiro, "who, or what are you?" "My name is Leana." says the voice, "Your other side. Your dark half." "Dark half?" says Hiro, "What do you mean?" "When you touched the alter," says Leana, "I came to be. Created by the dark energy in your own heart. Black and white, darkness and light, yin and yang."

"Why did you kill them?" says Hiro, "There must have been another way?" "I'm sorry to say," says Leana, "but we would have died if I didn't defend ourself." Leana's voice as she says that showed no emotion. "Have you no regret?" says Hiro, "No shame or remorse?" "What do you speek of?" says Leana, "What are these things of what you say?" "I see." says Hiro, "You have no emotion. You're no better than a android." "Do not compare me to those mindless constructs." says Leana, "Now, we must get going. More knights are probably on their way." At that moment, a bright light came out from the gem on his right gauntlet. When he opens his eyes, he sees that he has been turned into a beautiful young girl. "What happened to me?!?!?" says Hiro, "I can't move." "This is my body." says Leana, "I'm in control now. We must get out of here now."

As Leana runs through the woods, Hiro's thoughts go back to the day when he first joined the Chaos Hunters..........

The Chaos Hunter contest, two years ago........

"Impressive." says King Mikell, "That Hiro Liger is quite good. Mealo, I see your judgement to let him enter the contest was sound." "Thank you sire." says Mealo. "Oh," says King Mikell, "you don't have to be so formal with me my friend." "Sorry Mikell." says Mealo, "I'm also impressed by Hiro. He has passed everything with flying colors." "But," says Mikell, "he still has one challenge left. The joust."

Hiro starts to feel even more nervous than he did when he started the contest. Sure, he managed to get 90.5% accuracy in the shooting range. Of course, he blazed through the gauntlet of peril. But, he only did it through sheer dumb luck. Or he thinks it was. It was almost as if he always had these abilities, but never knew he could use them. But, before him was his last trial. Hand to hand combat with one of the royal knights. "So Hiro," says the knight before him, "I still think you can't make it to the end. I'll see to that." Just hearing those words made Hiro feel even more nervous. The platform he was standing on felt even smaller, and the jousting baton he has in his hands felt even heavier.

"Now," says King Mikell, "This will be the final test. Those who have bested the royal knight before them by the time limit will become the first Chaos Hunters. Ready, BEGIN!" The knight waisted no time in stating the attack. Hiro was missing the strikes only by millimeters. As he tries his best to dodge the attacks, he see many of the other hopefuls fall. "What's the matter?" says the knight, "Are you not man enough to hit me!" With those words, Hiro lost it. With all his might he swung at the knight, knocking him off the platform. "I.... did it?" says Hiro, "I did it!" With that, others start to win against the knights as well. Within moments, seven were left, including Hiro.

"Well done." says King Mikell, "You seven are to be the new Chaos Hunters. As such, we must also decide who will be the leader of you all. As the first to win, as well as having the best scores of all, you, Hiro Liger will be the leader and commander of the Chaos Hunter."

"Why me?" Hiro thinks to himself, "If I knew all of this would happen, I would have never tried out for the Chaos Hunters. Why did I have to be the last one not captured or killed?" "It seems you doubt you own skills." says Leana, "You have amazing talents that not very many people have." Hiro is silent for a moment. "Where are we going?" says Hiro. "Just far enough so that if any search party comes around, they will not find us until we can make our next move." "Do you have any plans for that then?" says Hiro. "As I cannot read your mind, only what you are recalling, I guess you must make our next move." Leana turns back to Hiro. "I think I know of a hot spring somewhere near by." says Hiro, "We could hide there until the coast is clear." "Why there?" says Leana. "It's deep in these woods." says Hiro, "Far from the contacts of the cities or temples around here. Only few people and elves know it's out there."

Later, outside the entrance to the hot springs.

"OK Leana," says Hiro, "As much as I hate to say it, you'll have to go in. They know me here." Hiro changes to Leana. Leana walks up to the entrance. "Excuse me miss." says a guard there, "Have you ever seen this man?" He holds up a wanted poster with Hiro's picture on it. "No." says Leana, "I don't know him." Leana tries walks past him. "Hold it!" says the guard, "You seem to be well armed and armored. What is your reason for being here?" "Uh...." says Leana. "I'll tell you what say." Hiro says to Leana. "I am nothing more than a bounty hunter who has come here for recreation." says Leana, "Nothing more." "Well then," says the guard, "you may pass."

"Hello there miss." says the innkeeper, "A night at the inn is 50 credits, and a soak in the hot springs is 20 credits. What will it be?" "It will not take to long for the search party to leave I would think." Hiro says to Leana, "And, I only got 40 credits. So, you might have to go to the springs." Leana hands the innkeeper the 20 credits. "Thank you miss." says the innkeeper, "Here's your towel. You're the only woman here today, so you'll have the hot springs all to yourself until the 6 o' clock rush. Oh, and miss, you need to check your weapon at the door."

In the changing room......

"So," says Leana, as she starts to undress. "why is the king after you?" Hiro is silent. As he looks at the mirror, he sees Leana flawless features. "What am I THINKING?" Hiro thinks to himself, "I'm being turned on by myself!" "Hiro?" says Leana, "Is something wrong?" "Uh...." Hiro's stutters, "Nothing!" "I understand that you're confused, seeing your body like this. But, it's my body right now. You just have to live with that." "Uh, right!" says Hiro, "Right." Leana enters the springs and says, "So Hiro, you never did tell me why the king is after you." "King Mikell......" says Hiro, "was murdered. Almost everyone thinks I did it. Not only that, his bastard son Rick is trying to 'purify' the land of all dark energy. He never really understood why the darkness needs to stay in this world." "He wishes to upset the balance." says Leana, "A foolish thing to do. If one overpowers the other, the universe will die." "All Chaos Hunters know this fact." says Hiro, "It was part of our training." "So," says Leana, "Did you kill him?" "WHAT?!?!?" says Hiro, "No! I saw who did it. It was......."

Moment's before, at the temple.

"Where is the outlaw who killed my father?!?!?" says King Rick, "I demand to know what happened here!" "Sorry sire," says one of the hunterborgs, "We have lost track of him. It seems he had help in his escape." "I DEMAND to know WHO!" says King Rick, "Brain droid, have you finished reading the dead knights' memories yet?!?!?" "I just finished my king." says the brain droid, "I will bring up the person responsible for this on screen." The monitor on the droid flickers to life, showing a picture of Leana. "Such a beauty." says King Rick, "I'm sure a purification, and some time in my private dungen will show her who side she should be on. Bring her to me, ALIVE!"

"WHAT?!?!?" says Leana, "The prince killed his own father?!?!?" "Yes." says Hiro, "With his father out of the way, Rick could rule with an iron fist. He also believed the kingdom is impure. He has no understanding of the balance, nor dose he care about it. Only one other person knows the truth. I just hope he got away." Just then, one of the walls blows apart. Leana runs back to the changing room. "I know she was here." says one of the cyborg knights, "Spread out. Bring the woman in alive, kill the other outlaw." "What?" says Hiro, "I thought the king outlawed cyborg research!" "Apparently," says Leana, "The prince reversed that." She grabs the gauntlet. "Good thing the innkeeper thought this was just armor." Leana then jumps out, and beheads one of the cyborgs with the daggertail in the gauntlet.

"It's her." says the leader, "Set pulse blasters to stun." "Apparently," says Hiro, "it looks like the king knows about you too. One of those cyborgs has my sword." "Will you have any regrets if I kill any of them?" says Leana. "No." says Hiro, "Go right ahead. Just get my sword back." Leana jumps up to another one of the cyborgs, grabs the sword, and impales him on it. Then she rips off the arm of another one, and thrusts it through the robotic knight. Then, she tears the last one in half. "Uh, Leana?' says Hiro, "Did you have to go THAT far?" "We don't have time." says Leana, "We must get going." She puts her armor back on. But, as she's leaving, something catches her eye. "What's that?" says Leana, pointing to a glowing gem like cube. "It's a prison cube." says Hiro as he changes back. "It looks like someone is inside." He picks up the cube. "What are you doing Hiro?" says Leana. "I'm going to set this poor soul free." says Hiro, "He might be able to help us." "Are you sure about this." says Leana. "After everything that's happened," says Hiro, "we might not have much choice."

Hiro unlocks the cube. A bright flash of light illuminates the area. When the light fades, a knight is laying on the ground in front of them. "Mealo?" says Hiro. Mealo starts to wake up. "Hiro?" says Mealo, "I guess that's twice you've saved my hide."

The begining......
Tell my tale to those who ask it. Tell it truly, the evil deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest... is silence.
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