From Age to Age... [Retelling of Phantasy Star IV]

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From Age to Age... [Retelling of Phantasy Star IV]

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NOTE: I'm already hoping to do a alternate version of this story but done from the viewpoint of Chaz when I have time.
NOTE 2: I'll also be editing the dedications section slightly as well in the case of the ASMR Messageboard as it doesn't exist any more... :(

When an Esper Loves a Senshi – Prologue Saga – Prologue Alpha: 'From Age to Age...' – 'The End of the Millennium'

[Finished on Sunday 24th September 2006]

In this, the first prologue piece for 'When an Esper Loves a Senshi', 'From Age to Age...' is different in that it’s a retelling of the storyline from the Sega Genesis [Megadrive in Europe and Japan] RPG 'Phantasy Star IV' and which is the main inspiration for 'WAELAS', but with first names being added for characters like Professor Holt, the Old Man from Esper Mansion and the Principal of Motavia Academy in the form of their pre-production names mentioned in the 'Phantasy Star Compendium' which can be found at

Also, the placenames are taken from the in-game script which is found at except for "Algol" which I decided to use for continuity purposes. In case anyone is wondering, Sega of America keep changing the names around a lot for places and people, the most infamous example being Noah/Lutz in that they're one and the same person although for some odd reason Sega of America didn't bother to use the Lutz name in the English version of the original Phantasy Star game...

I hope you enjoy reading 'From Age to Age...' and finding out how the 'Protectors of Algol' came together to fight against the ultimate evil...

'From Age to Age...' – 'The End of the Millennium'
The place is the Algol Solar System and the year is AW 2284. Alys Brangwin, one of the most renowned monster hunters on the desert world of Motavia and also one of the most famous members of the Hunter's Guild which has its headquarters in the market town of Aiedo, decides to make Chaz Ashley, a former street punk and pickpocket who she later took in, her joint partner. Their first assignment together with Chaz as a full-fledged Hunter takes them to Motavia Academy in the university town of Piata where Xander Kroft, the Academy's Principal and also the person who hired the two of them explains how monsters started mysteriously appearing all of a sudden in the Academy's basement and terrorizing people before he had the area sealed off and decided to hire Alys to exterminate the monsters due to her reputation as being one of the best monster hunters on Motavia.

Both Alys and Chaz are later joined on their way to the basement by Hahn Mahlay, a teaching assistant to Professor Weyland Holt who was also the leader of a research team sent to the mysterious Birth Valley which was located near the town of Zema and who had vanished without trace with Hahn later deciding to join Alys and Chaz although he learns to his horror that he has to pay Alys for the use of her services as well as his protection!

Upon reaching the basement's lowest level, the party end up fighting and destroying a plant-like creature called Igglanova, after which they find various breeding chambers; some of which are broken and which in turn leads them to ask Principal Kroft about what’s really going on at the Academy along with the truth concerning the disappearance of Professor Holt and his research team.

Principal Kroft soon learns to his displeasure that keeping secrets from Alys is in her own words "...the sixth most dangerous thing in this world!" before he's forced to reveal what’s going on.

Three months previously, Professor Holt had identified Birth Valley as the place where a huge outbreak of a new breed of monsters had started from, and because of that, he decided to take a research team with him to investigate and find out if possible, what secrets were located within Birth Valley itself. It was while they were there that they discovered the remains of an advanced civilization [which would later turn out to be from the period known as 'The Great Collapse'].

This same team brought back with them various monster breeding capsules to the Academy for further investigation and had set out on a second investigative mission which resulted in their disappearance...

Principal Kroft had planned on sending out a rescue party until a mysterious black magician who called himself 'Zio' suddenly made an appearance in his office and 'persuaded' him not to send anyone else to Birth Valley; otherwise they would suffer the same fate as that of the research party – in that they would be turned to stone!

The party travel to Zema where they find that the inhabitants of the entire town have been turned into stone as well, not just the research team and that the only possible way to cure them is by using a potion called 'Alshline' which was known to be found in the native Motavian town of Molcum.

Once they reach Molcum, the party find that the town has been razed to the ground and it's also there that they meet Rune Walsh, an old friend of Alys' who not only invites himself to join the group as a member, but also starts annoying Chaz like crazy because he keeps calling him 'Shorty'.

After Rune tells Alys and the others that some Alshline could be found in the native Motavian town of Tonoe which is found north of a valley which can only be reached via the village of Krup, itself east of Molcum and which starts to make Hahn uneasy at the possibility of a stopover in Krup, they head for Tonoe, but not before stopping off at Krup itself where they meet Hahn's fiancee; Saya who runs a school at her home along with Hahn's parents and they learn that Hahn's father disapproves of him being a science assistant, even though secretly he's proud of Hahn making something of himself especially as he sends scientific literature back to Krup to help his father who runs the armor shop there so that he can make better armor and weaponry.

Before the party reaches Tonoe, Rune surprises the other members of the party by using a special power called 'Flaeli' which is created using something called 'magic' to unblock the valley leading to Tonoe.

In Tonoe, the party meets a native Motavian called Gryz as well as his sister; Pana who were the only survivors of Molcum’s destruction which had been done at the hands of Zio himself as well as Grandfather Dorin; a native Motavian who finds out the hard way not to upset Alys when he starts giving out Alys' vital statistics! Alys, Chaz and Hahn also learn that Rune and Dorin have known each other for quite a while.

Gryz joins Alys, Chaz and Hahn after Rune leaves them to take care of some business that he has with Grandfather Dorin before going to the underground warehouse in town to obtain the Alshline, which they do after fighting many monsters along the way.

Gryz also stays with the others so that he can get his revenge on Zio for ruining his life and that of Pana’s by destroying Molcum, just so that nobody else could get hold of the Alshline.

The party finally arrives back at Zema where they use the Alshline to turn the town’s inhabitants back to normal before going into Birth Valley to do the same to Professor Holt and his research party.

Professor Holt, after recovering, orders Hahn to return to the Academy to make a report on the state of affairs at Birth Valley, but before Hahn does so, he along with the rest of the party are about to take it easy at the inn in town when they hear screams coming from outside and find an Igglanova blocking the entrance to Birth Valley which they soon slay, and after Alys 'persuades' Hahn to pay her 1000 Meseta to stay in the party which upsets him as the money's coming out of his wedding fund, they head back into Birth Valley where Professor Holt has gone into a area known as the 'Bio-Plant' and go off to search for him.

The party soon find Professor Holt along with a strange-looking girl with pointy ears who calls herself 'Rika' and a super-computer called 'Seed'.

It's 'Seed’ who explains how things are going crazy beyond his control and the only way to stop Motavia from being destroyed is by rescuing a 324-year old control android by the name of Demi who’s being held by Zio due to her being the only one who can shut down the control plant known as ‘Nurvus’ which controls the flow of energy being sent to the various systems on the planet that regulate the climate, soil and ecology systems there.

After explaining that Demi is being held at Zio’s Fort which is to the north of Zema, Seed asks the party to take Rika with them so that she can see the world.

He also explains that Rika is an artificial life form, which is the result of 1000 years of improvement on genetic information based on that of a prototype which had been created prior to the events of ‘The Great Collapse’.

Alys agrees to let Rika join the party while Professor Holt decides to go back to the Academy to tell his fellow professors all about the technology found in Birth Valley.

After the party leaves Birth Valley, Seed deliberately blows himself up so he can try and stem the flow of monsters which upsets Rika as Seed was like a father to her although Alys tells her that she can’t look back as she has to carry on Seed’s will.

With the bridge to the town of Nalya being repaired, they stop off there to explore what the townspeople thought was a meteorite but turns out to be the wreckage of one of the worldships which had fled the planet known as Parma prior to the events of ‘The Great Collapse’.

From information gained by Rika accessing the world ship’s main computer, the party learns how Parma, which was originally the main planet in the Algol Solar System, was destroyed in AW 1284 when the artificial prison satellite known as Gaira crashed straight into it, the planet’s remains later becoming the Parman Asteroid Belt.

With this particular world ship, the life support systems soon failed due to damage sustained to the world ship itself, which caused it to be trapped in orbit around Motavia with all the people onboard eventually dying while the main computer was able to sustain itself using its self-repairing mechanisms.

Fortunately, other worldships were more lucky with some of them landing on Motavia or Dezolis, while some actually ended up leaving the Algol Solar System, heading for parts unknown.

After stopping in Aiedo at Alys and Chaz’s home and where the other party members learn more about Alys, the party head for Kadary where a church that spreads Zio’s teachings has been set up. They also pay a visit to the church itself where they get a feeling that all is not well before speaking to various townspeople where they learn about how Zio has been speaking about the end of the world and how only a chosen few would survive its destruction.

The party then moves on to Zio’s Fort where they fight and defeat Zio’s right-hand man; Juza before going to the fort’s top level where they find Demi and free her from her captivity. Unfortunately for them, after doing so, Zio makes an unexpected appearance!

Zio encourages the party to try and give in to their anger, as it would truly become the ultimate offering to his god – ‘Dark Force’!

The party tries taking on Zio, but find that he seems to be protected by a magical barrier similar to the one that was blocking the stairs which lead down to Nurvus.

In the end, Zio launches his ultimate attack; the ‘Black Energy Wave’ at Chaz, and which would have struck him down if Alys hadn’t suddenly jumped in front of him and taken the full brunt of the blast.

Chaz and the others with Alys now becoming seriously ill from the effects of ‘Black Energy Wave’ decide that for now it’s better that they make a tactical retreat. So with Chaz using Hinas to help the party escape from Zio's Fort and Rika finding that not even her Gires spell won’t work on Alys’ wounds, Hahn suggests taking Alys back to Krup, which Chaz does by using Ryuka to transport the entire party there.

Alys suggests that Rune might know something about removing the barrier blocking the way to Nurvus, and even though Chaz has his doubts about working with Rune again because of his arrogance, he decides in the end that he has no choice but to ask for Rune’s help if Alys is to be saved.

After Gryz explains that Rune may have gone with Grandfather Dorin to a place called the ‘Ladea Tower’ which is located on an island beyond the quicksand to the east of Krup, Demi offers her assistance in the form of a piece of transport called the ‘Land Rover’ which the party obtains from the Machine Center located south of Krup while Hahn stays behind to assist Saya in looking after Alys.

At the Machine Center, Demi explains that the artificial satellite known as Zelan and where the central control system that controls the environmental maintenance systems for the Algol Solar System has been issuing abnormal commands and that it wasn’t Zio who was responsible for the outbreak of monsters on Motavia.

With a stopover in Monsen where earthquakes have been taking place on a regular basis and Demi realizing that a place called the ‘Plate Center’ to the north of Monsen may be causing the earthquakes, the party head there and switch off the Plate Center’s control system as well as obtain a new power-up for Demi called ‘Phononmezer’ before they finally arrive at the Ladea Tower.

On the tower’s 3rd floor, the party meets up with Rune who becomes really concerned for Alys when he finds out what’s happened to her and he suggests that they get the ‘Psycho-Wand’ which is the only weapon that can destroy the barriers created by Zio.

The Psycho-Wand was located on the uppermost level of the tower, and just as the party are about to obtain it with Rune’s help, a crab-like creature with huge pincers appears from out of nowhere and takes the chest containing the Psycho-Wand!

The creature calls itself ‘Gy-Laguiah’ and has been ordered by Zio himself to take the Psycho-Wand away.

The party manages to recover the Psycho-Wand after defeating Gy-Laguiah and are about to leave the Ladea Tower when Rune suddenly senses that something’s extremely wrong in Krup, and so the party immediately leave for there where upon their arrival Hahn explains that Alys’ condition has taken a turn for the worse...

Unfortunately for Alys, it looks as if nothing more can be done for her as the ‘Black Energy Wave’ attack which Zio used wasn’t a product of his alone but rather contains an even more evil power that even Rune himself can’t purge from Alys’ body.

After an emotional speech in which Alys tells Chaz that he has to create his own destiny, she dies surrounded by her comrades...

As the sun sets over Krup, Alys is buried in the town’s cemetery while later that same evening, Chaz and Rune have a conversation in which Chaz talks about his past and how he did some bad things before Alys took him in and he became a Hunter. He wants to avenge Alys’ death by slaying the one who caused her death in the first place – Zio, but at the same time, he doesn’t know what to do. Should he fight or not and if so, what should he fight for?

This upsets Rune who suggests that Chaz thinks things through, as he’s angry that Chaz could possibly think that Alys only ever cared about money and the only thing that he learned from her was how to fight.

Afterwards, Rika goes to comfort Chaz, and it’s thanks to her that he finally realizes what he has to do, while elsewhere, Rune is looking at the stars with Chaz and Rika doing the same thing together nearby...

The next day, the party which is now comprised of Chaz, Rune, Rika, Gryz and Demi assemble by Alys’ gravesite along with Hahn and Saya where Hahn tells the party that he’s going to return to the Academy to report on what’s happened as well as try to persuade the authorities there to come up with a plan of action.

The party later leaves for Zio’s Fort where Rune uses the Psycho-Wand’s power to destroy the barrier there, which once destroyed, allows the party to descend downwards into where Nurvus is located.

After reaching Nurvus’ center, they finally meet Zio again after he appears before them, and this time, he’s determined to prevent them from stopping his plans for good.

After what seems like a never-ending battle, Zio; Prophet of Darkness and representative of Dark Force is finally defeated and before he dies, he wonders why his so called ‘God’ has abandoned him...

Once Zio is defeated, Demi decides that the only way to stop Nurvus because its main control center isn’t accepting commands directly is by hooking herself up to Nurvus’ main system and try to crack its security, which after she does so, Nurvus eventually closes down.

Demi also explains that Motavia will eventually become barren and that the only way to prevent that from happening is if the functions of each system that maintains the environment of Motavia are restored.

For that to happen, they have to visit Zelan, which is where the abnormal signals that prevent the control systems from working properly are being sent from. Demi tells them that once there, they should be able to meet up with Demi’s master, Wren.

At this point, Gryz leaves the party as he feels that he’s gained his revenge on Zio and also because he has to take care of Pana, which means that the party is now reduced to Chaz, Rika and Rune.

After obtaining supplies, the reduced party leaves for Zelan by shuttle from a nearby hidden spaceport where they meet Wren, who they find to their surprise is absolutely tall in size.

Wren explains how Zelan has complete control of all the systems that control the environment in the Algol Solar System’s remaining planets while he’s the control android that manages it all.

Chaz, Rika and Rune also learn that it’s not Zelan that’s causing the various problems that are plaguing Motavia, but rather another artificial satellite called ‘Kuran’ which was originally meant to play a supportive role to Zelan until someone or something took over control of Kuran while Zelan was losing power at the same time. Wren decides to join the others so that he can see what’s wrong at Kuran.

After boarding the shuttle to go to Kuran, an explosion suddenly rocks the shuttle’s engine room where the party comes across a Chaos Sorcerer who’s determined to make sure that they don’t get to Kuran at all!

After the party defeat the Chaos Sorcerer, the shuttle’s engines start to explode even more as the party realizes that Rune apparently went a bit overboard with his Flaeli attacks which means they won’t be able to go to Kuran at all, but instead have to go to the ice world of Dezolis where they can crash-land on Wren’s suggestion even as Rune and Chaz are continuing to argue, while Rika thinks it’s cool that a crash landing is going to take place!

The shuttle ends up crashlanding in Dezolis onto a temple in the middle of nowhere and where they meet a priest by the name of Su Raja who soon begins to annoy Chaz and Rune to no end with his awful jokes which Rika finds strangely funny. After he insists on joining the party, Raja tells them all about a spaceship which is supposed to exist hidden away in a Parman town called 'Tyler' which is to the north-west of his temple.

As the party which now includes Raja travel away from the remains of the temple, the shuttle that crashlanded on it now being beyond repair, Raja explains that there's been a really heavy snowstorm on Dezolis for the past three months which may have been caused by something at a place called Garuberk Tower.

Before visiting Tyler, the party stop off in the Dezorian town of Ryuon where they meet Gyuna; the owner of a bar and an old friend of Raja's who like Grandfather Dorin is an information monger.

It's Gyuna who explains how the planet has been divided into parts due to walls of ice being created by the effects of the snowstorm along with how the Garuberk Tower apparantley appeared out of nowhere to the north of Ryuon, how Raja was banished from Gumbious Temple because of certain people there who were jealous of how well liked he was and how if the party looks at a certain grave in Tyler, a path would open that would lead to the spaceship that they were looking for.

After leaving Ryuon, the party soon arrives at Tyler where they get a history lesson from the town chieftain on how said town was founded by a group of Parmans who fled the destruction of their home planet and was named after their savior; the space pirate Jarren Tyler who later became the town's first chieftain and how after he died, he was buried on the town's outskirts.

The party then visit Tyler's grave where after they inspect its front twice, a hidden switch is suddenly activated which leads to a cave where they finally find the spaceship that they're looking for and which is revealed to be called 'Landale' along with a spaceport that appeared from nowhere to the south of Tyler.

After leaving the spaceport, they finally reach Kuran where a new weapon is obtained along the way called a Hyper-Jammer before reaching Kuran's main control panel where they find out what's been causing all the trouble there; another Dark Force which has attached itself to the control panel!

After destroying the foul creature, Chaz asks Rune how he knew that the creature that had been controlling Kuran was the same type that Zio had been working for, which makes Rune all flustered and forces him into saying that he's seen them before.

Unfortunately for the party, even though Kuran has been repaired, the snowstorm is still raging throughout Dezolis with the possibility that all life on the planet could perish.

They return to Dezolis where with the aid of a machine called an 'Ice Digger' which they obtain from the Machine Center on Motavia, they explore as much as they can and visit the Climcenter where after defeating another Gy-Laguiah and a creature called a D-Elm-Lars, they find nothing wrong with the climate control system there. After their visit to the Climcenter, the party make their way to the town of Meese where the victims of a plague that had ravished and destroyed the nearby town of Reshel are recovering with the aid of a group of people called 'Espers' who came from a place called Esper Mansion which is south-east of Meese and who are helping out the townspeople who haven't been infected by trying to heal those who have been infected.

As the party learn that the illness started to break out just after the Garuberk Tower appeared, Raja himself suddenly collapses and falls ill with Rune realizing that the Black Energy Wave may have a connection to this mysterious illness and that it's coming from the Garuberk Tower.

As the remaining members of the party prepare to leave for Garuberk Tower with Raja now in bed, one of the Espers rushes up and tells them that a Esper by the name of Kyra who was meant to be helping the other Espers has headed to the tower by herself even though a forest of carnivorous trees surround it!

The party head to the tower where they find Kyra being attacked by the carnivorous trees and even though the trees couldn't be destroyed, they manage to rescue Kyra from them.

Within the Ice Digger, Kyra introduces herself properly as Kyra Tierney while also explaining how she went to the tower to try and help the people that were sickly by trying to find and destroy the source of the illness. She also tells them that a legendary wizard called Lutz who's the chief of Esper Mansion and who's supposedly two thousand years old helped save Algol from evil with the aid of a heroine called Alis may be able to help them find a way to destroy the trees and get into Garuberk Tower.

And so the party go to Esper Mansion and enter the Inner Sanctuary where they meet Hasari Reylan aka 'The Old Man' who allows Rune and the others access to the room beyond the Inner Sanctuary which is known as "Lutz's Room". When they enter the room, all they find is a table with a crystal ball floating above it.

As Kyra wonders where Lutz is, Rune finally reveals the truth about Lutz in that he's long been dead with Kyra particularly upset that the one thing she believes in may be no more. Even though Lutz has long since departed from the mortal world, his spirit lives on.

It seems that before he died, Lutz transferred his will and memory into the floating crystal ball in Lutz's Room which was called a 'Telepathy Ball' and that when a chosen person appears then Lutz's will and memories are transferred to that person; in this case Rune Walsh himself with Hasari revealing that Rune was the 'Fifth Chosen' to bear Lutz's name including Lutz himself.

Rune explains that every thousand years or so, a cycle of evil takes place where an incarnation of evil that's known as 'Dark Force' appears around that time to create chaos and destruction. Every time that this cycle took place, a brave person or persons would rise up and defeat the evil to restore peace to Algol. Unfortunately with the destruction of Parma, the balance that had been maintained for countless millennia ended up becoming severely disrupted and the current acts of chaos that's taking place may be a result of Parma's destruction.

Rune also explains that because the source of all evil hasn't been destroyed, a new champion is needed to rise up and defeat it if peace is ever to return again and that he has chosen Chaz to be that champion as he felt that he had a lot of potential within him.

Rune later apologizes for keeping everything secret from Chaz and that he hopes the two of them can continue to work together which Chaz agrees to before Hasari explains that the one thing that can destroy the carnivorous trees is the 'Eclipse Torch' which is found at Gumbious Temple which itself is located in a mountain valley to the west of Esper Mansion. As the party leaves for the temple, Rune reveals to Kyra that he's always been arrogant which is why her image of Lutz wasn't what she imagined him to be and this upsets her no end!

After leaving Esper Mansion and making a stopover in Myst Vale which is home to a colony of Musk Cats and their leader who they refer to as 'The Old Man' [1] and who even though he's lost most of his memories over the past 2000 years, he has some recollection of fighting alongside a band of brave warriors in the long and distant past which encourages him to give them a special gift in the form of a weapon passed down from one generation to the next called the Silver Tusk, the party finally reaches Gumbious Temple where the leader of the temple is at first reluctant to let them borrow the Eclipse Torch until a group of three evil beings known as Xe-A-Thoul's appear suddenly and steal the Eclipse Torch! Before leaving, they somehow recognize Rune as carrying Lutz's spirit within him and taunt him by saying that if he and the others want the torch back then they should go to the Air Castle where a certain someone would be waiting to see Lutz/Rune again...

Rune tells the others that the Air Castle used to float in the skies of Parma a long time ago until the planet was destroyed with an asteroid belt now being in its' place and that from what the three Xe-A-Thouls said, it's highly likely that the Air Castle somehow survived with the likelihood that it's located within the asteroid belt itself.

After Wren plots a route to the asteroid belt, Rune tells the party that the person the three Xe-A-Thouls were referring to was a man the original Lutz and his companions fought in the Air Castle by the name of Lashiec! [2]

Before departing for the Air Castle, the party go to the Weapons Plant on Dezolis which was created by Mother Brain over a thousand years ago where they learn that its been producing automatic weapons for half a year or so under orders from Kuran along with obtaining a new weapons upgrade for Wren called "Burst Roc".

The party finally arrive at the Air Castle where they find that the atmosphere is breathable as if someone had been expecting them to visit with Kyra teasing Chaz that if he's scared then he should walk behind "Big Sister Kyra!" which ticks Chaz off and makes Rika laugh.

While exploring the Air Castle, they come across illusionary versions of the Xe-A-Thouls and an invisible barrier which it seems can only be removed if the real Xe-A-Thouls are defeated and after coming across the three of them who only want to kill Lutz/Rune, the party manage to defeat the Xe-A-Thouls which results in the destruction of the barrier.

After descending down into the deepest depths of the Air Castle and exploring the dungeon within, they finally find Lashiec's main chamber where they come across a chest containing what they believe to be the real Eclipse Torch until it's revealed to be a fake at which point they fight a Spector monster before Lashiec himself finally appears.

Lashiec is especially happy to see Rune who he believes to be Lutz as he wants to get revenge on him along with his fellow party members for leaving him in his current situation as a tormented soul who hasn't known peace for nigh-on two thousand years ever since he was defeated by the original Lutz along with Alis, Myau and Odin, and so he's really determined to make sure that the party suffers as much as possible!

After an extremely tough and dangerous battle in which neither side shows no mercy, Lashiec is finally defeated but he swears that Lutz/Rune and the others won't get hold of the Eclipse Torch so he prepares to throw it away but Rika ends up catching it after which he starts rambling on about that so long as a mysterious figure which he refers to as 'Him' exists, he'll continue to be reincarnated over and over to work for 'Him' and bring chaos and fear to the good people of Algol even as his body starts to melt and dissolve away...

As Lashiec meets his maker, the Air Castle starts to crumble as a result of his demise, so the party hurries back to the Landale which departs just as the Air Castle explodes in a huge blaze of light! As the Landale makes its way back to Dezolis, Rune talks about how Lashiec was a pathetic loser in that he was seduced by power and because of that, he's now a puppet doomed to know never-ending torment and pain because of his sins in the past.

The party goes back to the carnivorous forest where Chaz uses the holy and sacred power of the Eclipse Torch to destroy it which in turn allows them access to Garuberk Tower itself. After many battles with assorted monsters along the way, they finally come across the source of the snowstorm that's plaguing Dezolis which turns out to be another Dark Force! After slaying that particular Dark Force, they flee the tower after which it crumbles to the ground as a result of Dark Force's destruction.

As a beautiful blue sky emerges over the Dezorian landscape thanks to the snowstorm ending along with the stoppage of the Black Energy Wave that had been emanating from the tower, the party starts to relax and take in the sight of the clear blue sky above them before Kyra starts to make her goodbyes to the rest of the party. She decides to return to Meese to continue to aid her fellow Espers there who are continuing to help cure those who had been afflicted by the effects of the Black Energy Wave, but before she does so, she tells Chaz that she thinks of him fondly as a baby brother-type figure while as for Rune, even though he wasn't what she expected her image of Lutz to be like, she feels that he hasn't brought shame to Lutz's good name and that she looks forward to meeting him again in the near future.

Just after Kyra leaves the party with Rune and Chaz starting to bicker once more while Rika tries to act as a peacemaker, a huge pillar of fire suddenly appears from the sky seems to strike in the general direction of Gumbious Temple!

The party rush off to the temple where they find that it's been totally destroyed except for one room which had been protected by the power of the temple's Bishop who's over one thousand years old. He tells the party that their work isn't over as long as a creature called 'The Profound Darkness' still existed. The Profound Darkness was a creature that was supposed to be the true source of all the evil that has created fear and destruction in Algol since time began and that the various Dark Forces are but servants carrying out its orders.

The Dark Force that came to Dezolis and settled in Garuberk Tower had come to look for the whereabouts of somewhere called Rykros which is not only where The Profound Darkness was determined that the group never got to visit but also the place which the Bishop referred to as "...the place where all the secret answers lie."

He also tells of a saying which had been passed down through the generations about how "When Rykros returns, the 'Aero-Prism' will show the way." Rune tells the rest of the group that the Aero-Prism was stored in a place called "Soldier's Temple" by the original Lutz and is located on an island on the lake near Krup, the only way to get there being by a hovercraft which Wren asks Demi to get prepared immediately and after the Bishop wishes the party the best of luck, he entrusts Chaz with the mission to defeat The Profound Darkness before they return to Motavia where the machine which is known as the Hydrofoil is waiting for them after getting a complete overhaul at the Machine Center.

After picking up supplies, the party take on a Hunter's Guild mission called "Silver Soldier" which results in them getting attacked at Zema before they head to Vahal Fort where Wren gets a new if not dangerous weapon power-up known as a 'Positron Burst' unit which is so powerful that even a 10-second burst is powerful enough to destroy Zelan before they find out what's causing all the trouble in Zema; a computer system called 'Daughter'.

'Daughter' had originally been created to take control of Mother Brain's remaining systems but as it turns out, the project which resulted in "Daughter's" creation had been abandoned at the prototype stage due to the system crash that resulted in the environmental deterioration on Motavia being worse than expected and the effects of Parma's destruction being calculated prior to the project's completion which meant that 'Daughter' was nothing but a prototype computer system whose signals couldn't even reach the other systems on Motavia.

After 'Daughter' was created, a new network was built to restart and stabilize the environmental control system for Algol on Zelan and which Wren is in charge for running the entire system within it from. 'Daughter' soon comes to the misguided belief that it's Wren who's causing what she believes to be a disorder and so she gets three Dominator-class robots which the party defeats after a very dangerous battle.

Wren decides to shut 'Daughter' down which she doesn't want to happen as she believes that Algol would never recover its former glories without her even though Wren tells her that civilization has fallen into a state of decay, the people of Motavia had managed to recover sufficiently enough to overcome all the difficulties that life had thrown at them.

After 'Daughter' is shut down, Wren explains that at the time 'Daughter' was created, the technicians that had created her had planned on restarting the project after the environment had been suitably restabilized enough and that there must have been an independent AI [Artificial Intelligence] that was keeping things under control at Vahal Fort. He also says that he and Demi were negligent in ignoring Vahal Fort because it was unrelated to their official duties. It also seems that because all efforts had been put into creating Zelan, 'Daughter' ended up being forgotten about and that when Nurvus was shut down after Zio's defeat, a signal must have somehow been sent which in turn put 'Daughter' back online.

The party later return to Zema to check up on things there before going back to Piata where they get a 80,000 Meseta commission fee for completing the mission with Chaz coming to the realization that everything he and the others do seems to have consequences everywhere before they obtain new supplies and continue on their way to Soldier's Temple.

When they get there, they meet at the entrance to the cave which leads to the hill where the temple itself is located, a travelling archaeologist by the name of Seth who claims to be looking for the supposed ruins of the temple but he can't get to it because of the monsters that inhabit the cave which lead to it and so he asks Chaz if he can join him and the others by offering his skills to aid them along the way.

Chaz decides to let Seth tag along and so the party which now includes Seth as a member make their way to the temple where Seth wants to take a look at the Aero-Prism but Rune refuses him as it's so important to the rest of the party that he doesn't want any old stranger to handle it.

As they step outside, Rune tells Chaz to hold the Aero-Prism to the sky which he does, and which results in a beam of light shooting out from it into the heavens with Rykros being at the end of the light.

But just as Wren starts to calculate the co-ordinates for the Landale to use to get to Rykros, Seth suddenly covers his face as if in pain before his clothes start to rip apart and he changes into his true form which is that of a Dark Force!

Everything's now really hit the fan as the party realizes that they've lead a Dark Force to the Aero-Prism without realizing it and that this Dark Force has to be stopped if they're to continue on their mission so they fight and defeat it with great difficulty before they leave for the spaceport where the Landale leaves for Rykros which they come across with the aid of the Aero-Prism and appears from out of nowhere.

To Wren's surprise, he finds that there's no record of Rykros in his database before the Landale finally lands on the planet which seems to be composed of a crystaline-like element.

The party enter a place called Silence Temple where upon reaching its center, the room they're in suddenly seems to disappear with them supposedly now in space, a galaxy appearing beneath them on the floor before they suddenly start to hear a voice in their heads who refers to and welcomes them as 'Protectors'.

The mysterious voice reveals itself to be called 'Le Roof of Rykros' who stayed on the planet to pass on the secrets of Algol's history with him saying that Rykros is the fourth planet in the Algol Star System to the amazement of the party who still believe that there was only supposed to have been three in the system; Motavia, Dezolis and Parma before its destruction.

But Le Roof explains that Rykros is special in that it has been protected by an invisible barrier which no mere mortal can see or even sense and also because the planet's orbit is so highly elliptical, the planet is only able to get close enough to Algol every thousand years or so, like the orbit of certain comets.

He also tells the party that he has a lot to tell them but before he can do so, they have to perform a task in that they have to meet the guardians of two towers that are located on Rykros that were called 'The Courage Tower' and 'The Strength Tower' and that when they returned, he would truly recognize them as 'Protectors' and tell them all that they wanted to know.

Before visiting the Strength Tower, the party come across another tower called the Anger Tower where they're forced outside after entering it by an angry voice who says "Who dares to enter The Anger Tower... Begone!" So they decide to visit the tower after visiting the other towers and listening to what Le Roof has to say to them.

They arrive at the Courage Tower only to find its' guardian; Sa-Lews wiping out two creatures sent to attack him and after doing so; he taunts the party into trying to defeat him so that they can prove that they have what it takes to be 'Protectors'. After they defeat him, he tells them to take some items to prove to Le Roof that they've met and passed his challenge. After that, he disappears and two chests appear which they open and find contain two rings - the Rykros Ring and the Algo Ring.

After leaving the Courage Tower, they head for the Strength Tower where upon arrival they find its guardian; De-Vars destroying two creatures that had been sent to attack him like what had happened to Sa-Lews. After doing so, he goads the party into trying to take him on if they can. After De-Vars has been defeated, he tells them that they're better than he thought and that they were to take some items to prove to Le Roof that they've met him and passed his challenge. After De-Vars vanishes, three chests appear which contain within them the Parma Ring, the Mota Ring and the Dezo Ring which they immediately take with them along with the other rings to the Silence Temple.

At the Silence Temple, they meet up with Le Roof once more, who now satisfied that they've managed to carry out the task that he'd asked them to do well, recognizes them truly as 'Protectors' and begins to tell them about the origins of Algol and The Profound Darkness.

Billions of years ago, a spiritual lifeform had somehow managed to split itself into two lesser beings who soon started what seemed to be a neverending battle until eventually one of the beings was finally victorious and banished the enemy into another dimension with the victor being called 'The Great Light' and the defeated enemy being called 'The Profound Darkness'.

Meanwhile, The Great Light feared that one day The Profound Darkness would somehow escape from its prison and so he created and placed a seal over the dimensional portal to the place where The Profound Darkness had been sealed away. Le Roof soon reveals that the seal was a gigantic one made up of three planets which orbited one fixed star... In other words, it was the Algol Star System that had acted as the one thing which prevented The Profound Darkness from escaping its confines!

It was also The Great Light who distributed Protectors of the Seal between the three main races - the Parmans, Motavians and Dezolisians but unfortunately, fluctuations of strength would happen in that once every thousand years or so, the power that the seal had would weaken quite badly. And so The Great Light created Rykros along with Le Roof to explain the origins of Algol and its true purpose as well as three Guardians to test those who would possibly be worthy to be 'Protectors' - Sa-Lews, De-Vars and the Guardian of the Anger Tower.

Le Roof also explains to them after Chaz asks him what use an invisible planet like Rykros was as a warning that The Great Light knew that over time, the 'Protectors' would forget what they were supposed to do and so Rykros was designed to break its silence when the seal's final moment would take place and remind the Protectors of what they were supposed to do.

Throughout the ages, The Profound Darkness had not only become full of hatred towards the one who had originally sealed it away but had also wanted revenge and so when the seal's strength weakened to a sufficient enough point, the most powerful part of The Profound Darkness' evil spirit was able to break through the dimensional portal and cause trouble in Algol in the form of the evil being known as Dark Falz/Dark Force!

Every time that Dark Falz/Dark Force made an appearance, a person of great courage would be joined by other brave warriors in defeating it and thus peace would return, if only for a brief period but The Profound Darkness was a patient creature and was willing to bide its time being suitably rewarded in AW1286 when with the aid of the evil supercomputer 'Mother Brain'; Parma was finally destroyed when the prison satellite of Gaira crashed into it, the effect being powerful enough to shatter the entire planet apart.

If The Profound Darkness did manage to escape then it would mean the complete and utter destruction of Algol as a whole and that the only way this could be prevented from happening was if the party went into the dimension that The Profound Darkness was sealed in with the power of the rings that they had collected before and were collectively known as the Ring of the Stars protecting them from its evil power to a degree and try to destroy it.

After Le Roof tell the party that defeating The Progfound Darkness is what they were born to do, Chaz becomes extremely angry and upset as he doesn't want to fight on this mission before asking him where The Great Light is now with Le Roof telling Chaz that The Great Light is no longer in Algol but has gone elsewhere...

At this point, Chaz becomes even more angry and upset at the thought that The Great Light doesn't seem to care at all about what happens to the natives of Algol if he's willing to let them suffer while he hands out missions to the 'Protectors' to defeat evil. Chaz doesn't care any more about what happens and that he doesn't care about The Great Light because he'd rather live by his own will and follow his own destiny.

After the party leave the Silence Temple and return to the Landale, Chaz and Rune start to have a conversation in which Chaz tells Rune in all honesty that he doesn't know what's going on as when Alys died, Rune explained a lot of things to him while Rika tried to comfort him but he really didn't understand the enormity of it all. He was also extremely upset that the one person who had taught him everything about being an Hunter had died and he would have given anything to have Alys' soul get the peace that it deserved but over time, as he travelled with the likes of Rika, Wren, Raja, Kyra and Rune, he found that there were people who were depending on him to fight for them and protect them from harm.

But now that Chaz knows that he has the fate of everyone in all of Algol resting on his shoulders, he doesn't want that responsibility and that if he and the others have to obey the orders of The Great Light then that would make them no better than Zio who had willingly served Dark Force before he was defeated at Nurvus.

Rune tells Chaz that he doesn't blame him for thinking the way that he does but there's someone that he knows that he wants Chaz to meet at the Esper Mansion as the answer to his problem lies there.

The party return to the Inner Sanctum of the Mansion where Rune tells Hasari that they're going to borrow Lutz's Room again as he has something that he wants to give to Chaz which upsets Hasari a lot as he feels that Chaz isn't worthy enough to use the item concerned. But Rune manages to persuade Hasari that Chaz is the only one who can use it. Hasari realizes that Rune is right and that he won't question his opinions on the subject any more.

They enter Lutz's Room where within it a secret room is revealed which the party then enter and where Rune tells Chaz that the sacred sword known as Elsydeon awaited him. Elsydeon is probably the one weapon that could destroy The Profound Darkness and that Chaz should go alone to meet with Elsydeon as not only would he receive it but also he would find the answer that he had sought for so long.

Chaz then enters the cave in which Elsydeon lay and made his way through it alone until he came across a statue of a woman similar to that of the one that he had seen in the town of Termi and which was known as 'the Heroine Statue' but was different in that the statue was holding a sword in her hands.

As Chaz approached the statue, he suddenly heard a female voice in his head speaking to him. The voice reveals itself to be that of the legendary heroine Alis Landale who explains that the cave that he's standing in right now is the place where the spirits of those who defended and protected Algol in the past returned to when they died with Elsydeon being the sword protected by those same spirits. She then encourages Chaz to take Elsydeon within his hands and as he does so, he begins to have a series of visions...

The first vision is of Alis fighting Dark Falz before he sees Alis' companions; Lutz, Myau and Odin together. The vision then changes into that of one where he sees six of the 'Protectors' who had fought against the combined evil of Dark Force, Mother Brain and the insidious Earthmen in AW1286 in a group - Rudolf 'Rudo' Steiner, Josh Kain, Doctor Amy Sage, Shir Gold, Anna Zirski and Hugh Thompson. After that, Chaz sees a vision of the other two 'Protectors' who had fought in AW1286 - Rika's 'ancestor'; Nei and Rolf [3] before seeing the Algol Star System in all its glory including Parma before finally seeing Alis, Nei and in a poignant way, his mentor; Alys Brangwin. His visions soon come to an end and he finds himself back in the cave.

Alis tells Chaz that he was able to understand his destiny and suddenly she appears in the same part of the cave as Chaz which takes him by surprise. She also entrusts to Chaz Elsydeon's care and that because the thoughts of the cave's spirits were stored within the sword itself, she and her fellow 'Protectors' would always be there with him before Chaz tells her that she shouldn't worry and that she should leave everything to him.

He returns to Lutz's Room where Rune tells him that he was right in choosing him to be Algol's new champion as Elsydeon had promised that it would give Chaz the power that he needed to defeat the ultimate in evil. Chaz then tells Rune that he's more than willing to fight for all life in Algol and to create a new future where evil and terror would no longer exist along with a future that wasn't linked to the evils of the past.

But just as the party is about to leave, Wren suddenly gets a message from Demi telling him that disasters are suddenly taking place all over Motavia so they leave for the spaceport near Tyler where they find Kyra and Raja waiting for them along with Hahn, Gryz and Demi in the Landale itself, all of them wanting to join Chaz, Rika, Wren and Rune in battle and Chaz wants to take all of them with him but there's only five Ring of the Stars to protect them from The Profound Darkness' power...

Chaz soon makes his decision and he chooses Kyra to accompany him and the rest of the party in the final battle against The Profound Darkness but before returning to Motavia, they make one final stop at Rykros to try and find out what lies within the foreboding Anger Tower.

As the party reaches the top of the tower, Chaz finds that his fellow party members have somehow vanished before he suddenly sees Alys in front of him! As he tries to get answers from her, she stays quiet and walks towards him before she starts to fight him. After Chaz defeats what turned out to be an illusionary version of Alys, a figure looking like Sa-Lews and De-Vars but which went by the name of Re-Faze appears and taunts him by calling him a weakling because he was lamenting for something that he knew to be a illusion which in turn makes Chaz angry and causes Re-Faze to tell him about a technique where he could transform his feelings of anger and hatred into strength and gain great powers of destruction before he asks him if he wants to know more about this special technique.

Chaz tells Re-Faze not to mess with him because even if he won using this power, it would be a hollow and meaningless victory plus it would only make him and the others the same as the very evil that they're trying to defeat. Re-Faze becomes impressed with Chaz and tells him that even after fighting the false version of Alys, he still hadn't lost sight of himself and because of that, he was willing to trust Chaz with the forbidden technique of 'Megido'.

After Re-Faze gives him the power of Megido, he tells Chaz that it's necessary for people to feel the emotions of anger and hatred as it's those two emotions that makes them what they are and that shouldn't be any danger of Megido's power corrupting him as long as he doesn't lose his true self.

And with that, everything returns to normal as Chaz is joined by his fellow Protectors once again after which they return to the Landale and fly back to Motavia.

Upon reaching the planet, they find that a huge hole has opened up near Mile from which the Black Energy Wave is emanating its evil aura of death and as a result has killed all of Mile's inhabitants including the owner of the sandworm ranch who the party had worked for on a previous Hunter's Guild mission to defeat a huge sandworm which had been causing a lot of trouble on said ranch.

This only makes them even more determined to defeat The Profound Darkness once and for all and after obtaining as many supplies as they can, they make their way back to the hole in the ground which when they enter it, they find that they're in a dimensional tunnel leading to the Profound Darkness itself called 'The Edge' and after a journey fraught with much danger, they finally come across the true source of all evil itself...

Before they fight it, Chaz and the others have one last pep talk in which Rune says that The Profound Darkness should not be allowed to come to Algol while Rika tells Chaz that because the portal isn't completely open, they should take advantage of the opportunity open to them and Kyra tells everyone to leave things to her while Chaz finishes things off by saying that with this battle, both the future of Algol and their own future would be determined!

And so the battle that would not only determine the fate of all life in Algol but also what fate it would have in the end began. As the Protectors fought The Profound Darkness, the foul fiend began to give as good as it got by causing not only severe damage to the party but also in some cases had actually managed to kill at least one or more of the party members who were soon restored to life using either resurrection items or techniques. In the end, they managed to lay what they thought was a killing blow on it until The Profound Darkness transformed itself into a female-looking form...

To their horror, the party found that this incarnation was even more powerful and dangerous than the first incarnation which forced them to try and use as many attacks as possible including the combination technique known as 'GrandCross' while at the same time trying to heal themselves and prevent their opponent from causing too much damage to them but as before, they thought they had defeated it until it transformed into what it would turn to be the most dangerous form of all...

This time, The Profound Darkness showed no mercy as it attacked and attacked hard which in turn forced the party to keep changing their strategy for if they lost, The Profound Darkness would win its ultimate victory and all life in Algol would be wiped out by its evil power!

After what seemed like an age in which the battle would never end, Chaz and Rune combined their power to create another GrandCross which unexpectedly would end up be the killing blow that would slay The Profound Darkness forever!

After letting out a loud deathcry, The Profound Darkness' body soon shattered and exploded into thousands of pieces. But before the group could even begin to celebrate their victory against the ultimate evil, energy suddenly started appearing and exploding around them with Rune explaining to the other Protectors that because The Profound Darkness had been defeated, the force that had been keeping the dimensional hole which it had been sealed in open was now gone while Wren also sensed that a time warp was happening at the same time which was getting bigger and bigger by the second!

As the party began to wonder what was going to happen next, Elsydeon suddenly began to shine brightly as the power of those within the sword itself protected them from harm after which the sword shattered into shards of light and Chaz thanked the spirits of Elsydeon for protecting them.

Afterwards, they returned to the spaceport on Motavia where after Wren finished his departure preparations for the Landale, goodbyes were ready to be said as those who had fought against The Profound Darkness and its minions were ready to go their separate ways...

The first to say their goodbyes were Raja and Kyra who'd be getting a ride back to Dezolis with Raja saying that he'd had an enjoyable journey and that it was a shame that Chaz wouldn't be able to enjoy his wit any more but not before making one last joke beforehand while Kyra said that Chaz and those from Motavia should visit Dezolis once in a while and that she'd really miss Chaz as she'd grown quite fond of him in a big-sisterly way.

Meanwhile, Demi told everyone that she'd be going to Zelan to assist Wren with his duties and that until the time comes when Algol would no longer require the services of her and Wren, she would work to complete the duties that would be required of her in the meanwhile.

Wren also tells the others that after he takes Kyra and Raja to Dezolis, he'll ne returning to Zelan as he felt that Algol would probably need the support of the various Control Systems for a little longer.

Chaz then asked Wren where Rika was and he then spotted her near the Landale which in turn made him realize that she'd be leaving him behind; possibly never seeing him again as Wren told him that Rika's parting must be very difficult for her. With Chaz being unable to admit his true feelings for her, all he could tell Wren was that he understood why Rika had to leave. Wren then wished Chaz to 'stay well' and that he believed that the two of them would hopefully meet again one day before he made his way to the Landale himself.

Before leaving; Wren, Demi, Kyra and Raja waved goodbye to Chaz, Rune, Hahn and Gryz as they prepared to board the Landale and while doing so, Rika took one last poignant look at her friends that she would be leaving behind before the Landale shut its doors and took off with Chaz and the others watching it leave, Chaz in particular being sad at the Landale's departure because of a certain pink-haired girl that was onboard and with him being unable to tell her how much he loved her...

But unbeknownst to Chaz, Wren and Rika were having a heart-to-heart talk on the Landale with Wren telling Rika that the path she would choose would probably be a painful and difficult one but that she was the best hope for a new future and that she should be strong and live with pride in her heart which in turn gave Rika renewed optimism as she knew now what she truly wanted most of all...

Meanwhile back on Motavia, Hahn and Gryz were about to say farewell to Chaz and Rune...

Gryz was planning to return to Tonoe to be reunited with Pana and Grandfather Dorin and that he had Chaz to thank for what he learned on his journeys with him while Hahn said that he was returning to the Academy and that even though he was angry at the attitude of certain staff there, he would transform those angry feelings that he was carrying within him into ones of inner strength which would make him more courageous. In the end, he too was proud to have fought alongside Chaz and would always be proud of that fact.

Gryz and Hahn then waved goodbye to Chaz and Rune as they made their way to their respective destinations thus leaving Chaz and Rune on their own.

At this point in time, Rune was to say his own farewell to the person that in his role as Fifth Chosen he chose to become Algol's new champion. He told Chaz that even though the battle against the greatest evil was over, his mission as Lutz had to continue because it was his duty to safeguard and watch over all of Algol and also because he was still inexperienced and lacked training in being Lutz, he had to continue and improve on what he already knew before eventually he would pass on his own will and memories along with those of his predecessors including Lutz himself to his successor who would become the Sixth Chosen in the end as well as becoming known as 'The Reverent One' as had the previous Lutzes beside him.

Chaz then asked Rune if they would meet again to which Rune's answer was that they probably wouldn't, at which point Chaz started to become upset as he thought he was now truly alone even though Rune told him that he was now strong enough and able enough to take care of himself without needing anyone's help.

Suddenly from nowhere, the Landale began to descend with Rika standing in its open hatch and after saying a silent yet tearful and emotional farewell to Wren who was like a second father figure to her, she leapt downwards towards the ground where Chaz managed to catch her and hold her in his arms and just as they were about to continue their reunion, the both of them noticed that Rune was leaving to begin his own journey, as to what destiny it would lead him to, nobody knew, least of all Rune himself.

As Rune was leaving, he told Chaz to take care of himself after which Chaz thanked Rune for all his help and said goodbye to him as he continued to wander off into the distance while the Landale returned to continuing its journey into space and Chaz along with Rika were left all alone to begin a new life together as a couple, the both of them knowing that even though the battle to create a new era of peace had been a long and hard one and sacrifices had been made. In the end, it had been all worthwhile as it meant that the descendants of those who had suffered in the past and the present would hopefully not have to suffer the same fate that had happened to them over the countless millennia because of the machinations of the forces of darkness...
The long battle is over.

We were able to free ourselves from the terrible curse of yore.

To the souls of those who sacrificed their lives for Algol... Sleep in peace.

From person to person...

[Demi and Wren]
From age to age...

As long as memories last...

[Chaz and Rika]
We will not forget the sacrifices that have been made.
The eons-old struggle between Light and Dark has ended, and now the curtain rises on a new age...


I'd like to dedicate this piece to the following people:
The posse at Henshin Justice Unlimited []for being such a cool bunch of guys and gals especially J-Caiser, Shoichi, Mara Jade, Rising Sun Ranger, Rider Faiz and Toraneko.

The members of my HF-Meganekko no Megami club on Hongfire [] which has helped to make it the most popular unofficial club there even though the Moderators there won't give us official status...

The following from the "A Sailor Moon Romance" messageboard []:
Lunnaya, Tenko, Miyu, Cher, Achicagoil, AJ [as in the Ecchi Wife from Australia] and Thanatos who's also writing a Phantasy Star/Sailor Moon fanfiction series...

My late grandmother who I sincerely hope is in a better world.

And finally, I'd like to dedicate this piece as always to "Kawaii Ami-chan", the girl who was the original inspiration for the series when it was but a small idea of mine...

Any comments, praise, brickbats, please send them to or if you're a member of the "A Sailor Moon Romance" messageboard via the "Writer's Headquarters" forum.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to reading what comments may come my way regarding "From Age to Age..." so that I can learn from them and use them to good effect on future works.

[1] 'The Old Man' is actually Myau the Musk Cat from the first Phantasy Star game even though he isn't mentioned by name.
[2] In my storyline, I have it that Rune through having the memories of Lutz remembers Lashiec as being known by that name although over time the name was corrupted into Lassic. [Additional Note: In Japan, Lashiec/Lassic was actually called Reipard La Shiec]
[3] In the Phantasy Star Compendium, it's actually mentioned that Rolf; the hero of Phantasy Star II was actually the last surviving descendant of Alis Landale herself and as a result was seen as a dangerous threat to the plans of Mother Brain and the Earthmen and would have been killed if he hadn't been rescued by Lutz as a child.
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