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Xandoria Galaxies Project (PS Online/Universe style)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 23, 2009 11:46 pm
by darkforce
As some of you know, I published a 300 page PS tribute RPG called Xandoria Saga Collection. Now I am moving onto a new PS style game using similar mechanics from the video games, but for tabletop instead.

The first thing I did was to post data about the Dogpas, who won't be in the actual book. These dog creatures were based on Gryz and his race. Not totally the same, but the feel is there. If you were to run a PS game, the statting for Gryz would follow the Dogpa race template.

Here is the link to the page. PS Cave and my FB group are the only people who have access to this page so far: ... axies.html