The Children of Destiny fanfic I'm writing.

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The Children of Destiny fanfic I'm writing.

Postby Mega Man model T 101 » Tue Dec 01, 2009 5:07 am

The Children of Destiny, is a major crossover fanfic I'm writing, in which Phantasy Star plays a pretty big part. Or at least a few characters. Here's the link to the first chapter, and you can get to the rest from there.

Although the first chapter just follows one character, but another one quickly joins in the second, which is an original Numan character I made, Sarah. Here is a picture of her.


Sarah is the daughter of an interesting couple, a Sega Mother, and a Capcom father. This sprite was made by a buddy of mine on another board, in case you were wondering who made it.

Anyway, she plays a big role in the story, and plays a bigger part in the upcoming part 2 of my fanfic, as I'm still writing part 1, but that part is about wrapped up. And her parants are hinted at a few times here and there.

And a few Phantasy Star characters do make appearances in one chapter in paticular.(Also take note, I'm on my laptop, and it doesn't have a spell check for websites, so my words maybe a little off.)

So tell me what you think, I would like to hear your comments. :wink:
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