Numan RPing in the shoutbox....

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Numan RPing in the shoutbox....

Postby carlsojos » Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:27 am

Since there's been some RPing involving some numans out on the shoutbox, and since Wing and I've been building it out to develop characters for something we've been working on, it's been suggested that I post the information so people can build their own characters to join in without having to go through everything with me to create them.

Backstory: Aboard the spaceship Noah, while the masses were slowly working to prime the Palman civilization for conquest, a group of dissenters from a variety of backgrounds from soldiers to scientists got together and stole information from an installation on Mota, intent on creating a weapon to stop their people from perpetrating genocide on such a massive scale. The information they stole? The Neifirst genome. The first batch was highly varied due to the poor quality of their makeshift breeding capsules and the wild experimentation the earthlings made on the genome to gain an understanding of manipulation, but when the first numan they had made, NMX-002 Fate, attempted to assassinate the leader of the Earthmen, the rebels had to escape from the Noah, landing on Mota in the process.

In order to gain the resources necessary to attempt another attack on the Noah to save the unwary Palmans from the Earth's threat, they used the surviving numans along with several new batches of younger ones to create a mercenary corps, taking jobs that otherwise would've gone to the outlaw hunters, which is where the shoutbox RP story is currently at.

Types of numans
NMX (NuMan eXperimental)
These are the originals that have survived the escape from the Noah. Because Earth's genetic research is sorely inferior to the Palmans, the dissenters had no real working knowledge on how to improve the genome, so many of these numans are, for one reason or another, poorly qualified to fight. However, they are also old enough that they are very experienced, and their knowledge ensures that they are highly valuable to keeping the army running. They were named by the Earthmen who created them after Greek figures, except for Fate, who they once held as the symbol of their fate.

There are no unused NMX serial numbers, you cannot create a first-generation numan character.
Numans who are defined as NMX-types:
NMX-002 "Fate" (Deceased) The first numan born aboard the Noah. She attempted to assassinate the Earth leader.
NMX-021 "Lachesis" Noncombatant due to a slight build. She's in charge of the day-to-day operations of feeding, equipping, and running of the Numan army.
NMX-036 "Clotho" Noncombatant due to the importance of her duties. She runs "The Playroom", where all current numans are brought from birth until they are old enough to join the main army. She is compassionate, but will not tolerate any antics. She was once bit by an NMTT, and responded by shooting her in the leg.
NMX-048 "Iaso" Head medical doctor for the Infirmary.
NMX-050 "Aceso" Nurse for the infirmary.
NMX-078 "Metis" Instructor, specialized in stealth and social situations. Maintains a calm demeanor because she faints somewhat easily.
NMX-092 "Atropos" Captain. Highest-ranking numan in the Army, she oversees all combat operations. She is heavily scarred, but misses being able to fight in the field whenever she wanted.

NMY (NuMan prototYpe)
These numans are the first ones made by the dissenters after they landed on Mota. Since they were getting better at genetic manipulation, these numans are consistently more capable in combat compared to their older sisters, but they aren't fully optimized yet. Their balance of experience and physical aptitude makes them very valuable on the field, and many hold leadership positions. The downside is that in order to deploy them for combat sooner, their metabolisms were accelerated even more than the NMX-types, and as such have the shortest lifespan of all the numans. They were named after War deities from Earth mythology by their creators.

There are NMY serial numbers available, but do note that they are constrained on names due to backstory, and I only recommend that those already familiar to the RP put their personality into an NMY since they are older than the other options.
Numans defined as NMYs:
NMY-026 "Athena" Rank of Lieutenant. In charge of the platoon Lotus is a member of. Has a sense of humor, even if her job doesn't always allow her to show it. Also is an instructor in combat arts.
NMY-138 "Neith" Rank of Corporal. She attempts to be strict with the squad she is in control of, but isn't always able to reign them in.

NMMP (NuMan Mass Production)
These are the bread-and-butter units of the army, this is the most common type of unit in the army, featuring a highly-streamlined genome. In order to decrease the stillborn rate in the breeding capsules, they are created using split embryos. A side effect is that some (less than 10%) of these numans have genetically identical twins. They also feature a unique nonlinear metabolism that allows them to reach the equivalent of 15 years old at only 7 months while still being able to live over 15 years, fatal wounds notwithstanding. These girls, are the first who have been allowed to name themselves.

There are more NMMP serial numbers available than all the other types combined. They are a good choice, along with NMTT types.
Numans defined as NMMP:
NMMP-007 "Jane", aka "Bond". The only living numan that has the number 007, she loves classic Earth spy movies. She specializes in stealth and disguise.
NMMP-044 "Azalea" She performs her task to the best of her ability, but when she's off-duty, she will do nothing to uphold any duties she doesn't have to.
NMMP-131 "Duranta" A possible nymphomaniac, she repeatedly sexually harasses her coworkers for no better reason than to make Corporal Neith angry. She is interested in fashion, and hopes to one day create a clothing line that even Palmans will stand in line to buy. She also keeps a small garden.
NMMP-211 "River" Tends to freeze up in dangerous situations. Refuses to admit responsibility when she makes a mistake.
NMMP-240A "Lotus" A skilled fighter, but is overly altruistic, and is currently considered at-risk for self-destructive actions. Specialized in melee combat. (carlsojos's character)
NMMP-240B "Lily" Twin of Lotus, she is somewhat more brash in combat because Lotus has always tried to shield her from her own recklessness. AKA "Brickhead"
NMMP-329 "Lara" Designated sharpshooter in Lotus's fireteam. Loves guns, regularly customizes firearms to better suit her needs.

NMTT (NuMan Test Type)
While the NMMPs feature an excellent base genome, the dissenters decided to create a small experimental batch of numans with a nervous system more strongly influenced by their biomonster roots. These girls are much stronger than NMMPs, and while they can function normally in the general populance of the numan base, they also have a natural hierarchy formed from numerous bloody brawls in the playroom. They will not respect the orders of any numan that hasn't either beaten them or another NMTT that's higher in the hierarchy. They are allowed to choose their own names, and they are the only available type that can be male, due to their experimental nature.

There are a few serial numbers ready for NMTTs, and they are a good choice for those who desire to be stronger more than experienced in combat.
Numans defined as NMTTs:
NMTT-008 "Fly" AKA "Flyourish". The strongest of the NMTTs, she almost bested Captain Atropos in her first training fight. Likes Claymores. (Haaiku's character)

To make a character: Contact me (carlsojos) on the shoutbox expressing interest. The information you will need to give an initial definition of your character:
Type of numan (NMY, NMMP, or NMTT) This defines how old your character is relative to the others, and whether you are stronger or more experienced in whatever you do best.
Name (NMYs have to be named after a war diety due to story requirements, others can name themselves whatever they wish)
Do you desire a twin sister? (There are very, very few identical twins, less than 10%, so they're first come, first served basis.)
(At this point you are given your serial number)
You will then get your first encounter with the pervert of the base, Duranta, and your reactions can affect how she treats you in the future.
What clothing do you expect to wear besides your standard leotard? (This doesn't really affect anything beyond giving a little flavor about your character.)
Your body type compared to others of your generation? Physical appearance- hair color and style, etc. (Basically more flavor)
Besides the weapons that all numans in the base are required to master, what equipment do you want to train in? (Affects what type of weapons you use in the RP. Handgun and either knife or claw training is considered standard. You are also given the option on whether you wish to have heavy combat armor.)
Lastly, you are given a chance to fight another character for practice. It's only to submission, so how badly hurt you get here is strictly controlled by how stubborn you and your opponent are. You might make it out without a scratch, some have been sent straight to the infirmary.
Assuming that you don't wake up in a body cast from refusing to yield in your practice fight, you're now free to interact with other peoples' characters as you see fit.

There is no hard limit on how many characters you can have (If there's too many for the project, I'll simply not write all of them in), and you're free to take control of the characters that have already been created, too. (e.g. Duranta touches your numan in an inappropriate way, so you tell on her and have one of her commanding officers smack her for it).
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Re: Numan RPing in the shoutbox....

Postby Haaiku » Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:40 pm

Heres a little information on Fly:


Serial Number

Scar through left Arm, and small around Scalp
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Re: Numan RPing in the shoutbox....

Postby carlsojos » Wed Oct 26, 2011 4:44 am

Haaiku wrote:Scar through left Arm, and small around Scalp

It's her fault she wouldn't give up! :P

But yeah, more characters welcome.
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