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Postby Parma Ham » Sat Nov 22, 2014 2:11 pm

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Re: (Silly PS1 short story) A Heroine's Burden

Postby DarkMyau » Sat Nov 22, 2014 4:54 pm

I liked it all in all.

You showed a human side of Alis. I especially liked the idea of her having to scrounge for meeseta.

There was another story where Alis sold the corpses of the dead monsters (as they were used for food in the starving towns.) and that's how she earned money. Very similar to Final Fantasy 12's loot system that was one of two things that game actually got right. (the other one was the combat system. Everything else in the game was a miserable fail)

But..... over thinking this...as I usually do, I thought maybe the monsters do have meeseta with them. As things get worse in the Algo system, people would start to starve and get desperate. Wouldn't it be a great thing for Dark Falz to plant money on the very monsters that are terrorizing the people? After all Dark Falz wants everyone dead, so why not coax you all out of your safe little cities and encourage you to fight the very monsters that are trying to kill you, by rewarding the few that can actually win a fight with a Sworm, with meeseta?

The joke is on us however, as even at max level, a Sworm will still take 1hp form Alis and co, thus always hurting her. Imagine what a Sworm would do to a simple person, who was desperate enough to buy a sword and venture out. Said person would likely be very badly hurt in the fight, and even killed when the chest explodes, as a few of them do.

Its the perfect trap.
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