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Favorite Characters in Universe and Portable

PostPosted: Mon Feb 20, 2017 1:12 am
by Drake_Zeppeli
As the title implies, how about we all share our opinions about the characters we liked in the Universe and Portable series?

To start it off: Portable 2 (And Infinity to an extent) really offered quite the likeable characters that's just hard to give a reason to dislike them in the slightest. Practically all of Little Wing is irreplaceable to me out of everyone in Universe and Portable. (Though, I mostly favor Emilia, Kraz, and Ursula because they gave me a similar feeling and chemistry to that of Chaz, Rune, and Alys.)

Universe as a whole, while some characters are okay (Ethan, Karen, Maya, and Hyuga), there's definitely some that truly didn't deserve to die. (Kou/Maya, come back ~ !) And there's characters that definitely deserve to die. (Vol Brothers. No surprise since you would all see that coming.)