Would any1 be interested in reading a solo character guide?

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Would any1 be interested in reading a solo character guide?

Postby etony33 » Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:55 pm

It'd be pretty unusual to write any sort of a guide for a game that is almost 25 years old, but I find myself interested in messing around with some different things in the Party Select hack, including trying to put together a coherent strategy for each individual solo run.

A lot (if not most) of this strategy comes from ladyabaxa's blog about her solo runs, and she absolutely deserves a ton of credit. I have tweaked her strategy in some areas. As far as I know, there's nothing out there that goes into level up data for characters in the Party Select hack who ordinary do not begin at level 1 (though everyone begins at level 1 in the PS hack). I am thus going through the ROM looking for it (i.e. experience points required for each level, stat gains, learning new skills/techniques, etc). I would be more than happy to release this data when I finish compiling it.

The walkthrough would very much be a work in progress, as the only character I've done from start to finish is Raja. This will take a long time to write, which is why I'm seeing whether people would be interested in this sort of thing before I go ahead and do it.
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