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Re: Phantasy Star: Alisa's Adventure game book 100% translat

Postby Seiragos » Thu Jul 30, 2020 12:05 am


I sincerely apologize for bumping this forum thread (is that the term people use?). Here we are a decade later, and I have to ask...

Is there anyone who still has the PDF available to download?

I've scoured what feels like every nook and cranny on the internet. The main page does not have the translated version, and the the other group working on it seems to have taken it down/changed the website. Wayback Machine only gets me so far (I've tracked it down to

This seems like the only place where it was 100% translated, but the link no longer works.

I guess it's a long shot, since I made an account just for this, but it feels like a real shame that all the hard work put into the translation is close to being lost, even on the internet.

If anyone still has the PDF, could they share it please?

Thanks so much!
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