New skills/techs for PSIV characters?

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New skills/techs for PSIV characters?

Postby Doctor Hooves » Fri Sep 07, 2018 6:18 pm

By “new”, I don’t mean as in completely creating new abilities, I mean, if character abilities could be changed up a bit, what would you give to who?

I’m planning a PSIV hack that changes up character and enemy abilities. Every character has atleast 1 new ability, and empty tech and skill spaces will have been given something (I won’t give characters anything like an 8th skill).

So far, changes made are:

Chaz learns the Sar line. Two fill up the remaining tech spots and one replaces Brose.

Alys learns Corrsion at level 16, filling her blank skill spot.

Hahn learns Ataraxia at level 40, filling his blank spill spot.

Rune starts with Rimit over Arows.

Grys learns the Foi line, filling his 3 empty tech spots, and Miracle at level 37, filling his blank skill spot.

Rika learns the Zan line, filling her 3 empty tech spots.

Demi learns Flare at level 15, giving her a seventh skill.

Wren starts with Medical Power over Spark.

Raja learns the Wat line, filling his three blank tech spots. He actually starts with Wat and Giwat, but later learns Nawat. His two new skills are undecided.

Kyra learns the Wat line. She actually starts with Wat and Giwat, and no longer has Anti or Rimpa. Nawat fills her remaining tech spot.

Seth starts with the Zan line and Rever. He actually has to learn Nazan at level 38, however.

Any suggestions or thoughts? Any help is appreciated.
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