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Voice director blames Yu Suzuki for bad Shenmue VA

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:54 am
by IndispensablePeaGuy ... ization(!!!)

If this is true then it's no wonder Yu Suzuki has been pretty much left in the dark by Sega these days. Voice Actors had to look pretty? What a loser and a tool.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:33 am
by Wing-0
One word: EGO...

EDIT: (yeah, late as hell)

Shenmue was Suzuki's pet project. It's logical to think that he would want to oversee everything, as close as possible, but even then, he should have realized that his excessive oversight would be detrimental to his final product.

On the voice acting, Shenmue is remembered for havign TERRIBLE voice acting, and some of the most repetitive lines ever.

"I see" is the one line Ryo used the most in the first game.

I dunno about the XBox version of Shenmue 2, since I have never played it, even while my brothers have it. I, however, have the European version for the Dreamcast, completely undubbed.

That said, there are many areas in which Shenmue absolutely shines brighter than most modern stars, as far as games are concerned.

The attention to detail, things to do in the story, things to do outside of it, as exemplified in Shenmue 2 when fighting two optional bosses, a pair of girls named Eileen and Izumi, the latter being the cutest grocery store clerk in videogame history.

Both of those fights were completely optional and just two of the many enjoyable things one could do in there.

The inclusion of old arcade classics in a form that could be whithin the game itself, only made things better.

Story was a tremendous highlight in there, and the darkest part as well, seeing that so much has passed and Sega still won't release a third installment, even with today's technology making all of that easier, and making it possible to surpass it by far.

If I were a Sega chairperson, I'd push for a Shenmue 3, only keeping Suzuki under strict surveillance, so the same wouldn't occur once more.