Stupid ponderings during a feverish night...

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Stupid ponderings during a feverish night...

Postby Wing-0 » Tue Feb 15, 2011 9:22 am

Well, I was surfing the web a few minutes ago (as of writing this), and my brother came out of the bathroom. He came out laughing and asked me if I remembered a certain incident that became quite famous in our "alma mater" that still makes us laugh.

This happened a few years ago. The whole university was in an uproar of laughter. The incident was between a physics teacher and a student of civil engineering. The teacher was a cuban that came here to study either a PHD or something even further, I don't remember. Like a portion of the cuban population, the guy was black. He was also rather tall and strong. The student of this little tale was a complete jerk who had engaged in rude arguments with every sector of his school. Teachers, students, secretaries, janitors, you name it, he butted heads with it. In short, a total asshole.

The incident is said to go like this: The teacher was... well, teaching his class. Mechanics, which is basic newtonian physics. The asshole was, however, fiddling with his oh, so expensive cell phone. He was setting a ring tone, beeping buttons, texting and some even say he was calling his friends for a gathering to drink and get plastered. All of them very important things. In other words, what NO ONE should be doing in a university class... Or any class for that matter.

The teacher, known to have a short temper, got angry and told the guy to get out. The jerk replied with a no, and then things escalated. The teacher was known to be a jerk too, looking down into women's cleavages, treating students like less or like silly fools. Truly, this was a match made in heaven of a lit match and gunpowder.

The teacher got REALLY mad and screamed "BEAT IT!!" and then, the dumb kid screwed up...

He yelled at the teacher something that could be interpreted like "SHUT UP, YOU *!!"

In the next instant, a large, powerful cuban fist flew towards the dumb kid's lower jaw, collided with the might of an angry teacher with a short temper against glass. The dumb boy was left unconscious on the floor.

A huge fuss erupted and a disciplinary comittee sprung into action. The teacher was expelled from the university. He couldn't continue his studies there. Still, since he was working with another academic dude, an asshole, by the way, who also taught me, he was still seen at school often.

The dumb kid had it relatively easier. He was expelled from civil engineering, but then daddy came and arranged for his flesh and blood to be accepted in literature...

Seeing this, the head of the department the angry jerk of a teacher was studying at, who is another jerk in his own right, said something close to "Hey, why don't you take this NEW test and enter here back again?"

The teacher said "Yay!" and so continued his academic life as if nothing happened.

The reaction to all of this, as my brother and I observed was quite different to what we had expected. People were laughing more at the dumb kid than at the teacher. A comment between two girl students who told me the story was more or less like this (I had to adapt it to english, but you get a feeling of how silly girls talk):

A: "So yeah, like... Did you hear? Professor (BLAH), and (BLEH) from civil engineering did this and that!"

B: "No waaaayyyyyy!! Like, reaaaally!? Like, OMG!"

A: "Yeah, like... The asshole totally knocked the other asshole down!"

B: "Ugh. That old dude, like, creeps me out."

A: "Yeah, but, (BLEH) is even worse. He's just sooooooo ruuuuuude!"

B: "Like... totally! I'm glad he got his face pummeled!"

A: "It was a single punch!"

B: "Reaaalyyy? No waaaayyyyy! Like, my friend's friend told my friend the guy got several!"


I heard stories from people who both took classes with that teacher and they did tell me the guy was an ass... I also heard stories about people who took classes in the same student group as the other ass. All I am left wondering is...

If two idiots go at each other, then both get expelled... then return... Where's the justice in that? Or the INjustice for that matter...? It's like a zero sum game... Nothing is lost, nothing is gained inside the system... Like a conservative system, actually. The only thing that was ever gained were lulz by the rest of the academic community of the university which were the observers...

Oh, well... These are some ponderings during my night with a fever and a double dose of aspirin with caffeine. I can't sleep... But at least, while the fever isn't completely gone, my body is no longer in pain...
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