Any Arduino Fans that need an LCD screen?

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Any Arduino Fans that need an LCD screen?

Postby Kyence » Tue Sep 25, 2012 4:20 am

My fiance has designed a breakout board for the 96x96 pixel Sharp Memory LCD screen. He created a library for Arduino to drive the board. He is selling it with the LCD already mounted and pre-drilled mounting holes. He's an engineer by trade who has tons of experience in software and hardware. He has accounted for the voltage requirements for the LCD by using level-shifting in the board; you will not fry this LCD! He worked on this project for the last couple of months I was working on G1 (the couple that codes together stays together!) .

I figured there may be some Arduino enthusiasts here that might be interested, so I will provide a Youtube link of the LCD screen working the Neko demo, a little pixelated cat running around the screen and then taking a nap -- you know you want to see that ;)

If you are interested in the board, here is where you can find more information on it and buy one:
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