Why you should save electricity

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Why you should save electricity

Postby HuBBsDoctor » Wed Apr 14, 2004 5:21 pm

<blockquote><i>Originally posted by Goldark</i><br>I warn you Hubbs, a friend of mine left his PC on for a whole year downloading and recording what e downloaded (he turned it off every 3 days for an hour at max), and six months after he decided he had enough stuff, he lost, in this order, the micoprocessor (a PIII 800), the HD, graphic card, and power supply (!!).<br>[size=small][Edit by Goldark on [TIME]1081960756[/TIME]][/size]<br></blockquote><p>Damn I don't download that much. I do turn off my computer sometimes. More often than your friend btw.


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