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Postby fiorasyndra1 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 3:47 pm

An alternative for the standard Camera app on Android - Open Camera

Sometimes a regular camera app is not enough as we want to take some stunning photos. Your phone’s default camera offers a set of standard functions and settings without thrills, endowed with not the most convenient controls and it also consumes a lot of resources.

Of course, if you are a happy owner of good optics, why bother with additional software at all? But if you need to make the maximum out of the camera, get professional filters and tools, and also ensure minimum battery consumption — in this case, you cannot do that without third-party solutions.

Regarding this matter, we will go through a handy and convenient camera app - Open Camera. You can check Camera for android download to get other useful camera apps.

Few first words


Open Camera offers a powerful camera that you can use at any time instead of providing a lot of filters and special effects for photos.

At first glance, it may seem that Open Camera does not offer more options than the standard camera app, but it’s not true. For a start, it is worth noting that Open Camera takes up only around 600 KB, compared to the 20 MB that the camera from Google takes. Also, Open Camera shows how much free space remains in the memory of your Android mobile device.

As for working with photos, Open Camera offers almost everything you want from the camera: timer, zoom, stabiliser, touch focus, photo modes, ISO, and so on.

Open Camera is an excellent camera app that may not boast a large selection of filters, but it has many other features. All these numerous advantages make this app a worthy alternative (without ads) to the standard Android camera app. Keep reading to know why you should have this awesome app on your Android device right now!

About the app


This app is considered mainly as an improvement of the existing functions of the standard app, although there are some own features in the app. For example, there are several “own” focusing modes, voice timer control, the ability to customize the volume keys to control the camera and professional grids with tilt display. 

When you start Open Camera, it immediately opens the lens, and it becomes clear that the layout of the elements here is different from the system. At the very bottom is a big blue “Remove” key, on the left a “Zoom” key, adjustable by a slider, on the right - a column of tools. You can turn on facial recognition (Google-camera has it), select the timer response time and set up batch shooting. 

In addition, you can set stamps on a picture by selecting the date, time format, and even geo-marks (degrees /minutes/seconds), as well as create your own automatic signature on the photo, assigning a specific font, its style and colour. It is a pity that this signature will prevail in all the images until you change it. Read more to know more about a store we you can download this app

What makes Open Camera different


The quality of images from a conventional camera and Open Camera is almost indistinguishable. At the same time, if autofocus occurs in a default Google camera before shooting, in this app it is activated after clicking a particular button. And you can entrust such autofocus since the picture from any position becomes more or less sharp. 

Regarding video settings, the app includes the choice of resolution, for example, QCIF to HD. Let us remind you that in a regular camera it’s just “Good”, “Average” and so on. 

Among other differences - the ability to fix the length of the video, enable mashing of the old video after reaching a certain limit, adjust the maximum file size, disable audio recording and select the number of channels for it (mono or stereo if the device supports this format).

Suitable for: creating images in RAW format

If you are serious about photography, you should take photos in RAW format. This format of uncompressed and raw images allows you to squeeze the maximum out of the camera. And after that, you can take up the editing.

Shooting in RAW is supported by Open Camera, which cannot be said for almost any pre-installed camera app.

The app is simple, free and has enough features so that they can replace the standard camera.

Functions and features


It is possible to lock the screen when recording video, turn on subtitles (date/time, geotagging), as well as forcibly activate 4K, stop recording when the battery is low and turn on the backlight via flash. It is unlikely that you will find these functions in the default camera app. 

There are also additional settings. They include a pause after taking a photo so that you can immediately share it with others, turn off the shutter sound, the timer and its voice acting, and also set the behaviour when pressing the physical volume keys, for example, set the focus on them.


Automatic stabilization

Multiple focus modes, colour effects and filters, white balance, ISO setting, face detection and more

Support recording HD video

Voice timer control, automatic re-shooting mode

Customizable volume keys to control the camera

Soft keys optimized for left-handers and right-handers

Ability to turn off the shutter sound

Additional geotags

HDR support

The app is open source, distributed free of charge and without advertising

Wrapping it up!

Open Camera is one of the best analogues of a standard camera, which significantly expands its capabilities and facilitates the process of shooting. Among the disadvantages, there is a little confusion in settings, but this not an essential factor, as well as the judgement made by us,  is quite subjective.

Among the benefits, we note the low load on the system, the ability to fine-tune the resolution and quality, as well as advanced geo-tags. As a result, this app is highly recommended for installation.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to have beautiful and high-quality images, visit our Android store and Download Open Camera Online apk - Best Camera Apps on Android! Have fun taking photos with Open Camera!
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Postby Zucca » Fri Jan 25, 2019 2:08 pm

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