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Postby SplashWave » Fri Oct 30, 2020 1:07 pm

I recently decided to play through Phantasy Star III for the second time in my life and I stumbled upon a brilliant post and interesting read from this forum written by MrStarbird titled “Orakio and Laya - Mysteries of their war SOLVED!”

In 1991, my young brain was greatly confused by the PSIII story and it’s vast array of characters. The aforementioned post shed great light onto the game for me, as it was rooted in my head that it was average at best.

Today, I am at the end of Adan’s quest and I’m appreciating the finer points of this misunderstood classic. PSI and PSII are still my favorites (favorite games of all-time btw) but I now can finally call PSIII (despite its flaws) a great game as well.

Thank you to the Phantasy Star community and to the Phantasy Star Cave!
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