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Huey Reane

Born June 14th, AW 1264. Employed as a scholar - a young researcher at Motabia University. He asks to join Eusis's quest because he has a pure heart and feels for the helpless animals and plants being cruelly killed by the Biomonsters.

Cool-headed in crises, he has abundant knowledge of all things pertaining to medicine and living things. He is quick to learn new techniques that are quite effective against Biomonsters. Since he's a character who relies on his brains, he can't use powerful weapons. When you take him along, you must think of how to balance him with the other members.

Picture Caption: In the first half's battles against Biomonsters, he's quite helpful, but, regrettably, against the middle stage's machines, he is not.

Shilka Levinia

Born April 1st, AW 1263. "I'm Shilka of the wind. No one can hold me back!" is the favorite phrase of this female crook. Although she's the only daughter of a very wealthy man, to break the monotony of daily life, she has come to pursue the thrill of stealing. And it is in search of new thrills that she joins Eusis's party. She is not a particularly useful character in battle, but...from time to time, she's disappear from the party; at those times, she's gone to commit a theft. She'll return having stolen a valuable item. Since any reprimands fall on deaf ears, everyone's half-resigned themselves to her behavior.

Kainz Ji An

Born December 9, AW 1263. He likes mechas and had aspired to become an engineer, but he has always ended up breaking the mechas he worked on. [Note: the verb used here, "kowasu", can mean either to "break" or "destroy", but its usage with the verb "shimau" (used in several senses - mostly to suggest a fully or suddenly completed or unintentional action - "to wind up" doing something, in English) suggests that Kainz ends up breaking stuff not because of any psychosis (as suggested in the U.S. version), but simply because he's a bad mechanic.] Because of this, he skipped school one time, and saw the people who were suffering at the hands of the Biomonsters; even though he had gone astray before, this sight awakened the fires of justice that had laid dormant within his heart, and he became a member of Eusis's group. He puts his special ability (?) to good use and wrecks enemy machines.

He is secretly in love with Nei. I wonder if his primary reason for coming with Rolf was for the chance to get closer to Nei?

Picture Caption: Since he can use techniques as well as equip moderately powerful guns and armor, he is a character who is always helpful.

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The results of the analysis on the system recorder that Eusis's party discovered and brought back from the lowest level of the Biosystem [Biosystems] brought to light some surprising facts. A huge amount of energy flowing into the system caused the abrupt evolution of an out-of-control creature. This event coincides with the start of the abnormal weather patterns two years ago. Eusis and his party go to investigate the climate control system Amedasu [Climatrol - "Amedasu" means "Rainstarter" or "Rainbringer"; it's written in katakana in the book]. They meet someone at Amedasu - a girl that looks exactly like Nei. The girl speaks. "I am Neifirst. I was born by accident in a Biosystem experiment two years ago, but the humans classified me as a failure and thought they would kill me. To exact revenge on those humans, I created the Biomonsters." The other Nei also came from such painful circumstances; she was born when she divided from Neifirst, and.... Irreconcilable, the two fight, and, finally, a tragedy occurs...

Awaiting a heartbroken Eusis is the news that he and his friends have been declared to be criminals that have made Mother Brain go insane and that a search is now on for them. In time, they are captured and taken to the artificial satellite Gaila to await execution. What's more, Eusis finds out that Gaila is going to fall on Parma. The party is rescued by Tyler the space pirate and discovers that a person who knows the secret of Mother Brain is on the planet Dezolis.

Picture Captions:

[Nei vs. Neifirst]
The two Neis cross swords. No one can stop them now. The sisters fight to the death.... What can be said about this sad sight?
[Nei dead]
"Please don't let the tragedy that befell us repeat itself..." Nei died. Cherish the seven months that were. For this girl will not return....
[Alisa close-up in dream]
In Eusis's dream, this girl screams. "Help!" This is no dream. It is a revelation of the truth of days gone by.
[diagram of Gaila & Algol]
Gaila is going to drop on Parma. The entire planet will be wiped out...and Eusis and his party realize that there is nothing that they can do about the impending accident. They begin to be dragged down in a giant vortex.
[Tyler & exploding Parma]
The party is saved by Tyler. What's he really all about?
Lutz, who passes on a shocking secret from beyond the ages. For Alisa, for Algol, for Nei...Eusis must face the battle!

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Finding themselves on Dezolis, Eusis and company meet a man amidst the ice and snow who has been in cold sleep. He is Lutz, Algol's last Esper. He says that Eusis was saved from the spaceship accident 10 years ago through his power. ...Alisa, the heroine who once saved Algol - Eusis is her last descendant. Lutz tells him, "The vision in the dream you always have - that is the fight between Alisa and Dark Force.... There is an evil being leading Algol to ruin. To defeat it, you must collect the most powerful weapons, the 'Nei' series, hidden about Dezoris." Eusis nods his head. When Eusis and his party collect all the weapons, they are transported to the enemy spaceship "Noah".

Eusis and his party fought Mother Brain to the death and totally destroyed her. From now on, Algol will no longer receive the blessings of Mother Brain. The people will probably have to struggle against harsh circumstances. But Eusis and his friends could not share in that feeling. Somebody was still in the heart of the spaceship - a multitude of people from "Earth". They created Mother Brain...! Their own planet was destroyed, and, having grown envious of Algol, they tried to take it by force. With a cry of, "We will not surrender this star!", Eusis seized the Neisword...

Picture Captions:

[Dark Force]
Dark Force again! One by one, your comrades' hearts will be seized by darkness. They will be crushed by despair, or rummage through their allies' possessions. But the light of the Neisword will cleanse the darkness from their hearts.
[Mother Brain]
Mother Brain, sinister and beautiful, the root of all evil. But the warriors who conquered the darkness will not be denied. Mother Brain is shut down.
At the end of the long battle awaits no legendary devil or hell-borne evil god - only ordinary Earthmen. It is they who have been controlling Algol from behind the scenes...
[final screen]
Whoever won the battle? The ending does not say. But the player should be convinced. The victors are...

PSII Extra - Secrets Collection

Taking Items

If you have Shilka in your party and go in and out of a shop, she could disappear when you come out. If you return to Eusis's house, Shilka will come back. When she does so, she'll have taken an item.

The Hidden Item Visiphone

Under the same conditions as at left [well, at above here], go in and out of the greeting room [literally, "friends' room" - ??] in Central Park [Central Tower], and, when Shilka disappears from the party, you'll get an item called the "Visiphone" [when you go back to Eusis's house for Shilka - sorry for all the brackets]. This is a convenient item that allows you to save anywhere, even in dungeons, except in the midst of battle.

Weapons and Armor that Have Effects in Battle

Use these weapons and armor in battle and they'll demonstrate their special effects.

Picture Caption:

[Shilka using Storm Gear]
This is Storm Gear. There are some sets of it in the dams. Don't let them get away!

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Page 14


Successors of Time: Phantasy Star III


Date Released:
on Sale April 21, 1990
8,700 yen
6 megs + battery backup (2)

Long ago, the people of this world prided themselves upon being part of a civilization that traveled the stars. Then, however, a girl with mysterious powers named Laia appeared. Instantly, the world was conquered by an army of monsters commanded by Laia and her right-hand man, a young nobleman of the house of Eshyr [note: this phrase obviously refers to Lune, but I don't know if "Eshyr" is the Japanese name of Dahlia, or merely Lune's family, or what. It says that he's from the house (not kingdom) of Eshyr, but then, Kane is said to be of the house of Riik [Landen], so...I dunno.]

At that point, a young man named Orakio Sa Riik took a stand. He raised a robot army, with the robots Siren and Miun as its leaders, to confront Laia's forces. When the battle was decided, it is said that Laia and Orakio killed each other, and that all traces of them disappeared. Because of this war, all memories of the scientific culture and its devices were lost, and the people reverted to a medieval way of life.

Picture Captions:

[Kane and his cool-handled sword]
The package illustration for the third Phantasy Star, for play on the Megadrive.
[beautiful watercolor of Kane and Marlena]
When the prince of the Orakians and the princess of the Laians meet by chance, a new Phantasy Star begins.
[watercolor of Laia and Orakio]
Because of the Laia-Orakio War, the world's people were divided in two. Their descendants call themselves, like the armies of the war, either "Orakians" or "Laians".

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Page 15


Kane Sa Riik

Hero of the first generation. He is the prince of the house of Riik, who carries the blood of Orakio and has a strong sense of justice. He enjoys great popularity among his subjects, and it is said that his sword never leaves his right hand. The girl that he meets on the beach one day changes his life.

Mieu Type S2

An android indistinguishable from other beautiful women who, except for the fact that she never blinks, looks like an ordinary girl. Like the Shirren-types, she was made with the super-advanced knowledge of ancient times, but she has emotions. It is unknown, however, whether or not these were programmed or if she has a will of her own.

Shirren Type 386

A combat robot [not cyborg, not android, robot - debate amongst thyselves] created from the technological civilization of ancient times. He has no emotions, and he can only follow orders from Orakians. He can operate the metal machines left behind from the ancient civilization effortlessly, and, what's more, with the aid of three sets of parts, he can transform into many different shapes.

Picture Captions: [Note: the captions do not match the pics shown due to publisher error.]

Shirren using the Sky Parts [Aero Parts] to soar the skies.
With the Marine Parts [Aqua Parts], he can also change into an aquaskimmer.
Aqua-Shirren, who can dive underwater using the Submarine Parts [Sub Parts].

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