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Lyle La Mirah

Prince of the country of Shusoran. The climate control system has broken down, and to save his own country, now covered with ice, he sets out on a journey. His true agenda is unknown, but he values chivalry and is deeply loyal. Plus, his courage in battle is first-rate.

Lena No Satera

A girl who has always watched over Kane from the shadows, concealing a fiercely brave heart inside. She is the princess of the country of Satera, and she was actually betrothed to Kane in early childhood and has been brought up as his fiancée since then. She has an attractive body and a gentle disposition, but when she is deeply invested in a battle, she shows her courageous side.

Marlena Le Cille

When she is rescued by Kane, she has washed up on the shores of Riik with no memory. When she is abducted by Laia's tribe, Kane's adventure begins, but, at the end of his journey, he sees that she is the princess of the kingdom of Cille, the head of Laia's lands.

A Brief Rest, and Then the Wedding...

After the quest has been settled and peace has come, the wedding ceremony will begin. It would not be exaggerating to say that this is the biggest event in PSIII. Since this very much determines the course of the second- and third-generation scenarios, think carefully when choosing a marriage partner. [There's a little chart below this paragraph in the book that shows the various possible marriage unions and their offspring. I can't display anything chart-like here, so I'll just sum it up - if Kane Sa Riik marries Marlena Le Cille, they'll produce Ayn Sa Riik, who in turn has a choice of marrying Lynn No Satera or Lann La Mirah. If Ayn marries Lynn, his son will be Noin No Satera; if he marries Lann, his son will be Shiin Le Cille. On the other hand, if Kane Sa Riik marries Lena No Satera, they'll produce Lane Sa Riik, who in turn has a choice of marrying little-sister Laia or Luise Kay Eshyr. If Lane marries Laia, his son will be Fuin Sa Riik; if he marries Luise, his son will be Ruin Sa Riik. Whew. Onward.]

Picture Caption:

[(rather distorted) map of Riik]
The quest begun to save his fiancée Marlena wound up at the castle of the Laian land of Cille. The king of Cille challenged the five comrades to a fight, promising to return her if they won.

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Page 17

After the First and Second Generations of Successors Comes the Final Battle

When the second generation's fight has become history, the cause of all the wars will be drawn out. In this quest, the third generation will learn of the great mistakes of the Laia-Orakio Wars and sense that something is hurling this world into dark days as they race towards the final battle.

Picture Captions:

[Laia, Lynn, and Luise]
A clutch of heroic ladies. Beauty is courage in battle and first-rate techniques. I wonder, if I could meet these women, if they'd become my marriage partners?
[Shiin and company fighting Rulakir]
The third generation's enemy, Orakio's older brother Rulakir. He lost his family in the war 1,000 years ago, and, now jaded, he has sold his soul to evil.

After the End of the Battle to the Death, Peace Will Return...But Only for 1,000 Years.

The partner to whom Rulakir sold his soul was Dark Force. At the end of the life-or-death struggle, the spirit is destroyed. His taunting last words are, "I will revive in about 1,000 years..."

Picture Captions:

[Dark Force]
"You have been brought here to face your destruction!" says Dark Force.
[Mieu and Shirren]
Mieu and Shirren, together from the first generation's adventure to the third's.
["mean" Luna using Foie]
Balanced, well-timed attack techniques are important in fights.
[Lann using Wata [Wat? But that's "Bahta" in PSIV, and the text speaks of healing techs...]]
Rest techniques are absolutely necessary in battles against strong monsters.
An RPG Fanatic's Test!?
There was a quick-finish contest for PSIII also, with lavish prizes that were much talked-about at the time. Where is this "Broxede" now? [Let me explain - the poster in the picture advertises "The Big Thing That's the Talk of the Town - Presents and Contest", a "Release Date Big Present Campaign", and a "Challenge Campaign! - Quick Finish Contest!". (Does that mean that the Jap PSIII had a timer?) I can't make out the exact rules, but the prizes and giveaways include telephone cards, Arcade Power Stick controllers, a trip to (the Japanese) Disneyland, and a "complete game system", with the aforementioned "Broxede" (or "Broxide" or "Broxeed" or "Broxseed" - it's "burokushiido", I don't know what they're trying to communicate), which looks basically like a tabletop arcade unit, with TV screen, joystick, and Genesis port all built into one machine.]

PSIII Interesting Secrets

As a Last Resort, Press Super-Reset!

At the start, Kane doesn't have any money, but he does have clothes and Razor Boots [just plain Boots, I guess]. If Kane sells his possessions just after starting out, he should use the proceeds to buy an Iguza Ocarina [Escapipe]. When the game progresses to the point where he is thrown into the king's dungeon, use the Iguza Ocarina to escape. If you do this, the story won't be able to go on, and the king will end up telling you to press Reset.

Picture Caption:

[Noin buying a sword]
By the way, try not selling your clothes and buying an Iguza Ocarina. See what happens! [Huh? But you just said to try selling Kane's clothes to get the ocarina...!]

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Page 18


Phantasy Star: The End of the Millennium [Note: "The End of the Millennium" is written in English. The subtitle in Japanese, however, is "At the End of the Millennium".]


Date Released:
on sale December 17, 1993
8,800 yen
24 megs + battery backup (3)

The explosion of the first planet, Parma. This devastating event, along with the destruction of the planetary control system "Mother Brain", flung the Algol Solar System into chaos. That [something] catastrophe, called the Great Collapse, has already become history.... Rudy, a greenhorn Hunter, along with his teacher, Lyla, is heading out for Motabia Academy, from which they have received a request for help. Little does he know that he is about to embark on a great adventure in which Algol's fate hangs in the balance.

Picture Captions:

[Forren, Thray, Rudy, and Fal]
The illustration put on the reverse side of the cartridge [and pg. 37 of the U.S. manual]. The giant armor [meaning the claw] on Fal's arm doesn't appear in the game.
[Motabian city]
This image of Motabia 1,000 after II is drawn by Yoneda-shi.

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Rudy Ashleigh

A 16-year-old boy who has just been formally inducted as a Hunter. He had been a warehouse robber, but, three years ago, he was caught by Lyla; she then took him in and taught him all the skills, behavior, and manners he needed to become a Hunter. The hero of this episode.


A girl created as the prototype of a new species of human, based on information handed down before the Great Collapse about the Nei series. She is but one year old, but, since she was raised by Seed, she's highly intelligent, and, what's more, her attack power is something of which to stand up and take notice.

Picture Caption:

[3D dungeon screen]
3D Dungeons Were Also Investigated
This is an experimental 3D dungeon screen made with enhanced machinery. The reason why the department abandoned them on the high-capacity ROM is because the graphical patterns got monotonous.

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Page 20

Thray Walsh

A master magician who, of course, can use techniques, but who also wields magic thought to have died out long ago. He's an obnoxious man who constantly treats Rudy like a child, but, in truth, he is the inheritor of the will and memory of Lutz, the one who fought with Alisa 2,000 years ago.


A young Motabian warrior who is called the "Motabian Mania" [I think they meant the "Motabian Maniac"]. He comes with Rudy and company to avenge his parents, who were murdered by Zio. He is a quite hot-tempered man with a strong sense of duty. He has taken refuge in the Motabian town of Tonoe and looks after his little sister.


A highly efficient android created from the technology of the former civilization. He is master of the artificial satellite Zelan and overseer of the Algol Solar System's life support systems. To stop the abnormalities running amok in the system, he joins Rudy's party.

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