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Page 21

Lyla Brangwen

Rudy's teacher, a master Hunter called "Tear 'Em to Pieces Lyla" [note: "Tear 'Em to Pieces Lyla" is written in Japanese as "Yatsuzaki no Raira", with the "yatsu" written as the counter of the number eight. This is probably from where the U.S. nickname "of the Eight Strokes"/"the Eight-Stroke Sword" came; the translator apparently either forgot or didn't know that the number eight is sometimes used in Japanese as a synonym for "many", especially in certain figures of speech, like "yatsuzaki"]. Three years ago she met Rudy, took him in, and brought out his true character. During the battle with Zio, she is hit with the Black Wave while protecting Rudy and loses her life.

Picture Caption:

[Rudy looking over his shoulder at Lyla]
Lyla's death hastens Rudy's spiritual growth....

Hahn Mahlay

A young scholar at Motabia Academy. Two years ago, he graduated from the biology department of Motabia Academy and became Professor Holt's assistant. He joins Lyla and asks her to find Holt, who went to Birth Valley and has not returned. He has a fiancée in his birthplace of Krup.


A female android created by Forren. She supervises the energy plate system "Nurvus". Zio seizes control of the system and imprisons her, but she is rescued by Rudy and friends.

Page 22

Page 22

Shess Tierney

A girl born and raised in the Esper Mansion on Dezolis. She is studying to be an apprentice at the shrine, but she is already the best disciple, and her future is promising. Because of her impulsive nature, she is often treated as a problem child. She is an ardent follower of Lutz.

Picture Caption:

[Kyra in ceremonial clothes]
Shess dressed up as she does at Esper Mansion.

Su Raja

A Dezolian priest [note: the book says "Buddhist priest"] who cracks too many cheap jokes. He is highly capable as a disciple, but his personality is his downfall, and he is shuffled off to a temple in a remote part of the land. But this doesn't really bother him. He goes with Rudy and his party, saying only that this "sounds interesting".

Picture Captions:

[Rudy, Thray, Fal, & Dark Force]
Package illustration. Drawn by Yoneda-shi, the same artist as in II.
[various items]
Illustration of items and equipment shown in the manual.

Page 23

Page 23



An archaeologist met at the entrance of the cave leading to the Soldier's Sanctuary [Soldier's Temple]. He looks like a good-natured middle-aged man, but he is actually Dark Force disguised in human form. Incidentally, Shiam was modeled after a certain human at the Sega offices.


A black magician who worships Dark Force. He has founded an evil cult and made Nurvus run amok to cause destruction. He wears a gauntlet on only one arm to hide the fact that his right arm has been monster-fied [sorry, there isn't really another English equivalent - his hand is kinda gnarled and "demonized", comme ça]. He is the opponent in the first half of the tale.

La Shiec

The one who led the Algol Star System to ruin 2,000 years ago. He nurses a grudge against Lutz and has been resurrected as a zombie. He steals the Eclipse Torch and invites Rudy and company to come to his floating Air Castle.

Picture Captions:

[Rudy, Shiam, and Thray]
A height comparison of Rudy, Thray, and Shiam. It's a rough sketch.
[La Shiec threatening Rudy]
A height comparison of Rudy [and La Shiec]. Do you think he's changed much in 2,000 years?
[map of Motabia]
Motabia 1,000 years after II; due to shifting of the earth's crust, the topography has changed a lot.

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Page 24


An information-monger old man who lives in the hidden Motabian village of Tonoe. Because he was a close friend of Pyke's father, he looks after Pyke and Pana.


A professor at Motabia Academy. He is Hahn's teacher. He was turned to stone at Birth Valley. To tell the truth, he's on bad terms with the university.

The Dean

The dean of Motabia University. He hires Lyla to drive away the monsters in the basement. At one time [in production] he had the name of "Kroft".


Pyke's little sister. Pyke leaves the party out of worry for his sister, but, at her urging, he comes back for the final, decisive battle.


Hahn's fiancée, a schoolteacher in the town of Krup. But, since Lyla has made away with their wedding fund, I wonder if they'll be able to get married...


A friend of Raja's who runs a tavern in the Dezolian town of Ryuon. He informs you that there's a spaceship hidden in the town of Tyler.

The Archbishop

The archbishop of the great Gumbious Temple. He tells Rudy and the others about the existence of Ryucross and the Profound Darkness. In production, he had the name of "Sha Iraa".

Ta Suuk

High priest of the great Gumbious Temple. He asks Rudy and company to recover the stolen Eclipse Torch. A common Dezolian who quickly has a change of heart [rough translation].

Esper Comrade

A fellow Esper who asks Rudy and his party to go rescue Shess, who has set out for the Galberg Tower [Garuberk Tower] all alone. Like Shess, he comes from the Esper Mansion.

Page 25

Page 25


The mentor who watches over Esper Mansion in place of the often-absent fifth-generation Lutz. He seems like quite a capable person. In production, he had the name of "Hasari".

Bakery Proprietor

The proprietor of the "Naula" cake shop on the outskirts of Aiedo. The conversation here will bring back memories for those familiar with I.


Zio's second-in-command, who confronts Rudy and company at Zio's Fort. At first glance, he appears to be an ordinary human, but is body is actually that of a monster.


A fortuneteller in the town of Aiedo. She foresees Lyla's ultimate fate. Her own name is Mito, but the name of her shop has not been determined.


At the End of the Millennium first premiered at the June 1992 Tokyo Toy Show. Judging by the title screen, in was called Phantasy Star IV at the time. Since hardly any screenshots were shown from the finished product after that, I wonder if these were the "first-look screen shots" for the Megadrive magazines and the people who couldn't come to the Toy Show. Incidentally, since the ROM of this version no longer exists, you won't be able to see the following screens again.

Picture Captions:

[the four Protectors]
Everyone's poses in the opening sequence are different.
[Dark Force]
It isn't specified, but it's obvious that this is Dark Force.
An image spanning the Algol Solar System.
[Rudy kneeling with sword before Dezolis]
Some of the graphical collage behind Rudy was used.
[PSI, II, III memorial screens]
The Lineage of the Series's Past Is Also Acknowledged
Graphical images depicting I-III were also inserted. We wanted to put them in the finished version.

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