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How to Pull Off a Combination Attack

This game system's most outstanding feature is its combination attacks. Through the designated matches (a combination of battle order and assignments), the appearance of something unusual will point to a combination attack. Together with the use of macro commands, you'll eventually be able to execute them whenever you like. All fourteen types of combination attacks are presented in this section. Since their attack powers are great, you probably won't be able to use these until the optimum experience levels.

Trinity Blaster Barta + Foie + Grants
(T Hahn) (T Lyla, Thray) (T Rudy)
damage good good excel.
Blizzard Barta group + Zan group or Wind
(T Thray, Hahn) (T Rudy) (S Thray, Shess)
damage good poor good
Fire Storm Foie group or Flare + Zan group or Wind
(T Lyla, Thray, Shess) (S Thray, Shess) (T Rudy) (S Thray, Shess)
damage good poor good
Lethal Image Death Size + Illusion
(S Lyla) (S Fal)
death good --- poor
Holocaust Savolt + Diem
(T Hahn) (S Thray)
death good --- poor
Silent Wave Phononmezer + Airslash
(S Freyna) (S Rudy)
damage good good good
Conduct Thunder Barta group + Thunder (fixed order)
(T Thray, Hahn) (S Thray)
damage good excel. good
Circuit Breaker Hyperjammer + Thunder
(S Forren) (S Thray)
death --- excel. ---
Grand Cross Swordcross + Efess
(S Rudy) (S Thray)
damage --- --- excel.
Purify Light Efess + Holyword
(S Thray) (S Raja)
death --- --- good
Shooting Star Burstroc + Foie group or Flare (fixed order)
(S Forren) (T Thray, Shess) (T Thray, Shess)
damage good poor good
Black Hole Grabuto group + Negatis
(T Shess) (S Thray)
death good good good
Paladin Blow Astral Flare + Rayblade
(S Hahn) (S Rudy)
damage good good excel.
Destruction Deband + Megid + Legeon + Positron Bolt (Deband must come first)
(T Fal) (T Rudy) (S Thray) (S Forren)
damage excel. excel. excel.

*Here, "T" means "technique" and "S" means "skill". Combos where the attack order is not specified as "fixed" will still squish monsters no matter which way its components are arranged. [Note: the last three columns denote how well each combo will work on the given enemy group, with "excel." denoting "excellent" and "---" denoting that it doesn't work at all.]

Sound Test

There are arranged-version CDs on sale, but, to some, it's disappointing that original sound versions are unavailable. There are probably a lot of people saying "I want to hear that piece of music from that scene one more time!". For all those people, we have this sound test mode. With this mode, you can settle down and listen to all 48 tunes, from the opening to the ending, to your heart's content.

Picture Captions:

[continue menu]
At this screen, you should press the B button.
[sound test]
You can press the control pad left and right to change the tune on screen. You can listen to only the ones you like!

Combination Attack Secrets

If certain conditions are fulfilled, a combination attack will certainly result. In the event that nothing happens even though "it looks like everything is in place!", it isn't. To explain, the program decides when your enemies and allies take their turns. For example, let's suppose that the order is decided as "Lyla-->enemy-->Rudy...". If the command "Lyla - Foie, Rudy - Zan" was entered, a combination attack will not occur, since Lyla cast Foie. If the second enemy dies by this attack, what do you think will happen? Naturally, the program will unleash Rudy's attack. Your commands will continue to be carried out this way, seemingly in succession.

Picture Caption:

If you use combination attacks in macro commands, you'll be able to execute them with certainty.

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Page 27


As I - III were marketed overseas, an overseas version of At the End of the Millennium also exists. The highly anticipated (?) package, when completed, was ghastly, gloomy, and alarmingly dark in color. This difference from the original gave cause for concern, but when you compare all the visuals against the Megadrive version, with the supposed exception of the sound test, it's about the same. Yes, of course the messages are all in English! There are, by the way, visuals that weren't seen in the original version, but, since they're printed on pg. 197 of the Phantasy Star: At the End of the Millennium Game Guide (sold in fine bookstores), interested parties can take a look if they wish.

Picture Captions:

[party confronting Zio]
Though the package is different, the in-game visuals are exactly the same.
[fight with Zio]
A battle scene. The commands are all written in English. I'm afraid that I'll make a mistake in entering a command!
[Rika talking]
As in the domestic version, if you keep on pressing the buttons too fast, you won't understand the story at all.
[U.S. package]
This is the package. Fal is supposed to be wielding a claw, but it just looks like her fingernails have grown out.
[PSIV logo]
Was the Domestic Version "PSIV" Too!?
The title of the Genesis version became "PSIV", but the domestic version was actually originally titled "PSIV" on the release schedule.
[U.S. PSIV booklet]
The Chara Names Are Different.
It doesn't have any effect on the contents, but each name has been changed from the domestic version. In doing so, Fal has become "Rika"...
[lil' comic strip [no relation to the U.S. PSIV stuff]]
A four-frame manga [looks like a five-frame manga to me] published in the 12/24/93 issue of Famicom Information. It goes without saying that Mr. Yoshida [Yoshibon] is, of course, the artist.
Watch Out! The Ladea Tower Volume
[panel 1 - Rudy alert]
One day, Rudy noticed something...
[panel 2 - Fal puzzled]
<---Newman *a man-made life form...
Fal: ?
[panel 3 - Pyke chomping on a cookie]
Pyke: What?
[panel 4 - Freyna adjusting her shoulder cannons]
Freyna: Oh, this shoulder joint...
[panel 5 - group shot, Rudy with sweatdrop]
Rudy: I don't know...Am I the only "human"?
Fal: Rudy, what's the matter?
This is a really modern kind of party...


The five visuals published here featuring the Millennium character designs put forth by Yoshida-shi were planned for a cover of SPEC magazine. SPEC is a Sega-organized fan club linking together Sega users. The fan club newsletter is put together completely by Sega development staff. Since, due to various circumstances, the last issue of the magazine was not published, the graphics are being "housed" here. So then, of course, they're being published here for the first time.

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Page 28


There are other works under the Phantasy Star name outside of the main series. In-depth looks at the inside stories of the characters in the main series and a whole other side series were also made. I wonder how many of these you've played?


through Game Library Distribution Service - ADV


Game Gear - RPG - 10/16/92 - 4,500 yen - 2M + BB


Game Gear - ADV - 3/13/92 - 3,500 yen - 1M + password


Phantasy Star II's Eusis and his future comrades are the eight heroes of these short adventure games.

The games are advanced basically by way of text messages, with only a few visuals per title along the way. The games are centered around each character's past, and you'll be able to see some unexpected sides to them [the characters]. In battle scenes against enemy characters, the unique system determines the damage dealt using only one's attack power and an on-screen roll of the dice. The over-emphasized gambling element makes things difficult, but...

The games were compatible with the modem specially sold for the Megadrive, where the game data was sent from Sega to the console. Unfortunately, this service has now finished.

You Can Play the Text Adventures on Mega CD!!

All those people who regret not having had a modem can play the games now, if they have a Mega CD. The Mega CD software Games Can Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 each contains four stories. Many other modem games are also included.

Picture Caption:

That they're "canned" is somewhat unique. Plus, happily, the price is quite cheap.

Eusis's Adventure

The story of Eusis's youth; he just scrapes by the skin of his teeth on his own, yet, through surmounting difficult trials, grows spiritually and physically. In time, he plots to track and fight monsters...

Nei's Adventure

The story takes place a half a year before II, when Nei still looked like a young girl. Her sad story is that, because of her outward appearance, her allotted place in human society is to continue wandering alone. Also has a scene in which she meets Rudger.

Rudger's Adventure

A tale set in the days when Rudger still was an officer in the state government. He hunts the Biomonsters that destroyed his hometown and murdered his wife and child. This comparatively combat-filled scenario is very well-suited to Rudger.

Anne's Adventure

Anne is the only female doctor to finish internship. Anne is on her way to an elementary school in a neighboring town to save some people wounded by Biomonsters, but... When she uses the antidote, a lot of feminine [that's what it says] events take place.

Huey's Adventure

Strange creatures are rumored to be stalking the halls of the Kubaatsu branch of Motabia University, Huey's alma mater. At the principal's request, Huey comes to investigate. Huey's girlfriend, not-so-good friend, and others from his university days appear to keep things interesting. [Just as a note, Huey wears an outfit nearly identical to Hahn's throughout his adventure, and he runs into a monster that looks exactly like an Igglanova.]

Amia's Adventure

A group of Motabian thieves is said to have intercepted information from Mother Brain. Amia is under orders from the Agents to track them down. You can still see plenty of this girl's activities as a Counter-Hunter, though.

Kainz's Adventure

The story takes place three years before II. Kainz has run away to escape the monotony of his hometown and is living a tough life in a run-down city apartment. The developments in this story, the most sci-fi-ish of the eight, suit mecha-lover Kainz.

Shilka's Adventure

Shilka is the greatest thief in the world (ha). Her next prize is the masterpiece 'Opa-Opa'. I wonder if she can really pull it off? Includes hang-glider action (among other things), but is this strange, flashy behavior ladylike?

Picture Captions:

[Eusis in a fight]
Luck plays a big part in battles, and since you can't save, they're quite scary!
[Nei's intro]
Nei, painfully wandering alone. She still looks like a child, but the story takes place several months before the main game.
[Shilka's intro]
That fluttering-miniskirt-wearing thief looks like Shilka (ha).

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Page 29


The setting is the world called 'Alisaland'. Alec, a boy living in the town of Tedo, and his young friend Minima are presented in an eventful, staggering adventure. Some people have been imprisoned, and two others will start out with Alec on the search for his father, Morg. It is said that the proof of these chosen warriors is the possession of the Light Pendant...

Made for the Game Gear, and a rather traditional RPG, Alisa joins the party after she awakens from cold sleep, an event PS fans will really enjoy. But, storywise, since it hardly has a connection to the main [PS] storyline, it's a disappointment as a Phantasy Star game.

Picture Captions:

[portrait of Gaiden Alisa]
This is Alisa! She looks like another person, but could it be due to adverse effects from the long hibernation?
[town party shot]
At the end of the game, Alisa looks like Princess Kaguya [a traditional princess from Japanese folk tales], but maybe she's hiding something...


The game uses Phantasy Star II's setting, but Phantasy Star Adventure's characters and system are all original.

The hero is an Agent from Paseo on Motabia. He heads for Dezolis to see an invention created by his friend, Dr. Ken Miller. But, a short time after this joyous reunion, both the doctor and the machine he invented are abducted...

The events are unrelated to PSII, probably because it was released in such a short time, but new developments (such as having to control another character to rescue the hero, who has been captured by the enemies) are always unfolding.

[girl at desk]
The on-screen layout and system is simple. Due to that, the Game Gear's small, handy liquid-crystal screen does not present a problem.


There was a puzzle game for the modem game service called Kinetic Connection, in which you put together pictures played in real time, which used Nei in two puzzles. Unfortunately, we don't have a recent photograph of it, but we did discover one published in a Sega pamphlet, so we decided to present it here.

[Sentence I can't completely make out, but it says that Yoshibon drew the pictures, and that when you finished the puzzle, another picture would apparently flash onto or in the background.] It is unclear how this picture was animated, but there was sideways scrolling and the hair moved - what other things were there? I wonder why software like this can't come out for the Saturn?

Picture Caption:

["Neisecond" puzzle]
This screenshot was discreetly published in a pamphlet. Things like this make one sorry that the game service ended.

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Page 30


Phantasy Star Merchandise

Compared with other masterpieces, we have a surprisingly small amount of merchandise available. Foremost among these items are goods that were released in the past that are still available now. Strategy guides and such are now scarce items and difficult to get a hold of. I wonder how many of these goods you have?



Sound Collection I is original and arranged sound from I, II, and III collected on two discs. Price: 3,700 yen (shipping 600 yen). Sound Collection II is a collection of original sound from At the End of the Millennium. Price: 2,500 yen (shipping 600 yen). Stock Numbers - RS-1, RS-2

Illustration Collection

A publication centered around illustrations used in packaging and publicity for the series's four installments, with commentary on unseen settei and illustrations drawn by the staff. A4 size, 48 pages, price 1,200 yen (shipping 800 yen). Stock Number - RS-3


T-shirt A has the illustration of Nei drawn by Yoneda-shi. Likewise, the one with the character illustrations used on the flip side of the At the End of the Millennium package is T-shirt B. Either is 2,300 yen (shipping 600 yen). Stock Number - RS-4, RS-5

Telephone Card

A simply designed telecard with the At the End of the Millennium logo in the middle surrounded by the four main characters, Rudy and his party. Price: 1,000 yen (shipping 600 yen). Stock Number - RS-6


A set of two bandanas, one with the character designs from the I package illustration, and one with the logo on a black background. Price: 1,500 yen (shipping 600 yen). Stock Number - RS-7

Inquiries about Character Goods

To ask about the character goods on this page, please do the following: though we tentatively have all the items shown, since our supplies can be exhausted, please call to ascertain whether or not we have the goods you want. Please pay attention to the full instructions over the telephone.

Address: Attention*: "Phantasy Star Goods"
2-1 Kanda Ogawa-chou
Chiyoda-ku, Toukyou 101 [Japan - this'd work a lot better if ASCII had macrons]
Tel: 03-3292-9708

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