Aubka, one of three cities on Dezo

Map of Aukba

This town is located in the northern part of Dezo. From here you can travel to the Crevice to reach the Esper Mansion. After you have received the Aero Prism as a donation by Lutz you will find all the locations you could'nt see before. Now it is possible to reach Menobe west of Aukba.

Weapon ShopWeapon Shop

Ceramic Sword3200
Laser Knife4400
Laconia Mace16800
Acid Slasher24000
Laser Shot6200
Pulse Cannon32000

Armor ShopArmor Shop

Laconia Gear28000
Laconia Cape36000
Hirza Boots9800
Ceramic Emel9700
Laconia Shield13000

Tool ShopTool Shop


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