Phantasy Star IV Innkeepers, shopkeepers

Money makes the world go around. Not only in our world but Motavia and Dezolis, too.

So you will find in nearly every town and village on the two planets shopkeepers, who normally trade tools, armor and weapons. Not only can you buy better equipment but you also can sell items and equipment, which will not be used any longer. These people normally have hungry families, so the items can only be sold for half the price they have cost you. Ok, slay some monsters to fill your purse again.

The innkeepers will let you sleep more or less comfortable. The prices for a night differ. After the rest at an inn your HP, TP and Skill abilities will rise to their maximum again. Some inns are important in a side-quest, Kadary inn for example. But find out for yourself.

Here some of the friendy tradesman and innkeepers are shown: