Phantasy Star IV People you will meet

Mito the fortuneteller

This friendly old lady lives in Aiedo. She is a very good friend of Alys but one day she refuses to tell her her fortune. Why?

Head esper

This friendly esper informs your groups about Kyra, who tries to conquer the Garuberk Tower all on her own. He will ask for help.

Esper mentor

So an esper as the one above will look like if he is getting older. Ok, no jokes. This friendly esper is near you when meeting the famous Esper Lutz.

Head priest

Being responsible for the Eclipse Torch this guy will not hand the holy item over to you. But on that moment something terrible will happen...


The bishop of all Dezolisians will help you find the Aero Prism, an item which helped Alis and her friends to find Lassic 2000 years ago.