Profound Darkness

EnemyNameLocationShort Description
Profound Darkness, first formProfound Darkness, first formThe EdgeBeat this one mainly with manual attacks. It then will transform to its second form.
Profound Darkness, second formProfound Darkness, second formThe EdgeIf you are good in shape until now, you can use some magic spells one this one. But don't be careless. It is not over yet. The last and deadliest form awaits you after the last transformation.
Profound Darkness, third formProfound Darkness, third formThe EdgeLast form of the Profound Darkness. Knows the Megid Technique to inflict huge damage to your party members. So Raja will be the best choice for the last team. Use all combination attacks, skills and magic left on this 'lady', and the bride is toast. (Peter Spankman, Ghostbusters)