Phantasy Star IV Hints

Level 99 state loss

For those who have seen what happens when Rika hits level 99, here is the cure for Wren's hit point loss. When Rika hits level 98, kill her (go into combat and let her get flatlined, easier without armor).

Do this with every other character when they reach level 98 except Rune, then when he gets to level 99, save and have Wren (I believe he is next in the order) get level 99, then your fifth character, then Chaz, then Rika. This might work on the other games as I have heard of this happening on PSII, but remember, it's been a while so I don't know if the order is correct, but I do remember Rika being the first to level 99 and she affects Wren to the point that he gets TP and 553 (Rika's HP at level 99, if I remember right) HP.

Thanks to Ryan Arbuckle for sending me this hint.

Gaining levels fast

If you want to level up between level 20-35 real fast, all you need to do is, go near Monsen and look for Infantworms. Use Command to kill all but one. The remaining worm will bury itself underground and get old papa sandworm to ya. If you have 5 people, thats 3820 EXP each!

Thanks to David A. Gray for sending me this hint.

Hidden tower on Rykros

After getting the Elsydeon, return to Rykros, go to the south and explore. The blue tower appears only after getting the Elsydeon, and holds the second suit of Guard-Mail, and if you value your life just say *!NO!* to Megid. (You'll see why if you say yes.)

Gaining levels fast (2)

WARNING: This hint can be hazardous to your characters' health if they're too weak.

Take on the Silver Soldier mission after returning to Motavia, follow the directions, and go north of the Plate System to an island. The fort here has easy foes with 2000+ EXP each. Kill off all but Wren (and any other character you want to build fast) and fight as much as possible. You can get 10000-20000 EXP a battle.

Note: This trick will not be an option if you don't take the Silver Soldier mission before getting the Elsydeon.

Uncover the Shadow Blade

To equip Chaz with the tremendously powerful Shadow Blade, hunt Shadow Sabers in Zio's Fort. (Shadow Sabers are easy to spot because of their neon-green swords.)

Easy EXP for levels 12 through 36

For easy EXP go to the tunnel above Aiedo. When you find a pack of Zol Slugs, kill all of them but two and use defense on everybody until the two slugs turn into one big one. Kill it and you will get at least 400 EXP.

Easy EXP method 2

For quick leveling up, go to the area near Termi. Then walk around until you encounter a bunch of normal worms. Kill all of them except one. Then wait for it to change into a sandworm. Allow the character whom you want to increase level to stay alive while the others get killed by the sandworm. This will let you gain 19000+ experience points.

Get Cyber Suit armor

To get the Cyber Suit armor, use the Hydrofoil to go to the island called Soldiers' Temple. When you reach the island, you'll meet Seth. When you check his stats, he will have the Cyber Suit armor. De-equip him of this armor and his weapon and just use him as a punching bag for enemies. The Cyber Suit he is carrying will enhance your attack.


One of Phantasy Star IV's special features is the ability to combine skills. Here is a list of all known combinations. Unless otherwise noted, you can use the stronger or weaker version of a technique component (i.e., Foi instead of Nafoi).

Fire StormZan + Foi, Foi + Hewn, Flaeli + Zan, Flaeli + HewnNone
BlizzardWat + Zan, Wat + HewnNone
Silent WavePhonon + AirslashNone
TriblasterWat + Foi + TsuYou cannot use the more powerful versions of these techniques for this combo.
Grand CrossCrosscut + EfessNone
Shooting StarBurstroc + NafoiNone
Paradin BlowRayblade + AstralNone
Lethal ImageDeath + IllusionNone
Black HoleNegatis + NagraNone
Circuit BreakerHijammer + TandleOnly works on mechanical creatures.
HolocaustSavol + DiemOnly works on biological creatures. Vol cannot be used for this combo.
DestructionDeban + Megid + Legeon + PosiboltThis one must be done in the order stated.
Purify LightHolyword + EfessNone
Conduct ThunderNawat + TandleNone

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