Phantasy Star IV Motavian Battle Backgrounds

Academy basement background

Academy Basement: The first background you'll encounter. The background for the Motavia Academy basement.

Desert background

Sandy Desert: Battle background for all of the outside world of Motavia. That is unless your party is lured into a battle on areas where there is vegetation such as grass, bushes, and trees.

Plains background

Grassy Plain: It's not really anything like a plain or much rather a grassy plain, but that's besides the point. These are the grassy parts of Motavia that you can plainly see on the world map.

Beach background

Beach: This is the view that you have in battle when facing the ocean. But in order to get this background you must be very close to the water's edge.

Birth Valley background

Birth Valley: The name speak for itself, it's obviously the battle background in Birth Valley.

Passageway to Tonoe background

Valley Cave: This is the background in battle when you are in the passageway from the desert to Tonoe. (I still can't tell whether the rocks in the background are tree trunks or some type of stalagtites that stick to the wall.)

Warehouse basement background

Basement: As you remember, the background for the old basement place in the back of Tonoe. You know, the place where Alshline is found.

Bio-Plant background

Bio-Plant: Once again, the name says it all.


Wreckage: Similar to the Bio-Plant background, this is the background for when you're in the wrecked spacecraft northwest of Nalya.

Passageway to Kadary background

Passageway: This is the battle background while you're in the passageway from Aiedo to the desert near Kadary. The monsters you encounter here are extremely hard to beat when you first fight them. That is unless you spend your time collecting experience points to be really strong.

Zio's Fort background

Zio's Fortress: Obviously this is the background in Zio's fortress. (Even though you can use a draw and copy technique, it still must have taken a long time to draw this.)

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