Phantasy Star IV English Translation Prototypes


On 23 February 2008, drx, a fellow famous for releasing prototype builds of video games, released 1024 of them at once. Most of them were leaked from Sega of America's QA archives from around 2004-2005.

Among the many alphas, betas and finals were 5 versions of Phantasy Star IV. Unfortunately, they're versions from after the release of the game in Japan, so they don't show anything from the game's development stages. They do, however, offer insight into the translation progress of the game.

The dates of the prototype builds are as follows:

There isn't much information on the differences between each build yet, but many screenshots have been made of the earliest build, showing Engrish, translation differences, and just plain weirdness. Instead of reposting them all here, I invite you to the dedicated message board thread.


We do have the 99% complete script for the 30 May build, though.

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