Krup, the hometown of Hahn

Map of Krup

In Krup Hahn was born and raised as the son of the local weapon store owner. Hahn, who was very unhappy with his future as a merchant, decided to leave Krup to become a student of the Piata academy. Maybe that's the reason why his father does not present new equipment for the party members as a gift. You have to pay like a normal customer.

But not all in the beautiful town near the ancient Soldiers' Temple treat Hahn like this. His fiancee is living here and works in the local school as a teacher. Visit her, so that Hahn will receive his present for returning to her. OK, we are not materialistic, but some money would have been more helpful.

Later on the ill Alys will be treated here and... But refer to the walkthrough for the sad details. Time to spend some money (oh, by the way, no weapons are for sale in Krup).

Armor Shop

Carbon Helmet200
Carbon Crown150
Carbon Suit550
Carbon Shield220

Tool Shop


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