Meese, the town where Raja gets seriously sick

Map of Meese

Be careful when entering the houses of Meese, if you plan to keep Raya in your party. He will get ill shortly after you speak to one of the espers who try to cure the ill citizens of Meese. This will only happen inside the greater building in the eastern part of the city.

Sad for Raya, that he must get sick, because this is the only way to meet the esper girl named Kyra after rescuing her from the carnivorous trees northeast of Meese. But do not worry, unlike Alys Raya will recover under the care of the espers. Rush to help Kyra, because she is your admission ticket to the Esper Mansion.

But before you attempt to rescue Kyra you should go shopping first. One of the shops in Meese is closed because the owner got sick, too. After beating Dark Force in Garuberk Tower, you should return here to find out that the shop is open again. You won't regret it.

Weapon Shop

Flame Sword12900
Thunder Claw8500
Thorn Dagger8300
Dream Rod5400

Armor Shop

Reflection Mail26800
Reflection Shield15600

Tool Shop


Perfume Shop

Moon Dew5000
Star Dew10000
Sol Dew20000

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