Phantasy Star Generation 2 Enemies C-D

EnemyNameHPEXPMesetaFirst seen at
Carry A1Carry A161294176Yellow Dam
CentipedeCentipede4235139Near Kueri
ChiefChief137198213Control Tower
Cry BringerCry Bringer3301463209Ikuto
Daddy AngouDaddy Angou153452270Skure
Dark MaulerDark Mauler3522060Ikuto
Dark SideDark Side26501044162Guaron
Dead WoodDead Wood14839167Roron
Dragon DautDragon Daut2622298214Naval
Dragon HeitDragon Heit2592193197Guaron
Droll MonkeyDroll Monkey191704252Dezoris

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