Phantasy Star Generation 2 Enemies P-R

EnemyNameHPEXPMesetaFirst seen at
Pinch AntPinch Ant459922Biosystems Lab
Poisoned ArrowPoisoned Arrow211251Nido Tower
PoisonerPoisoner12219Near Paseo
Poison FangPoison Fang6640194Near Kueri
PolizeiPolizei85156160Near Paseo
Polizei 55Polizei 55?00Gaira
Polizei AXPolizei AX118235240Red Dam
Prince VectorPrince Vector306599124Dezoris
Rascal MonkeyRascal Monkey155570239Skure
Reptile KiteReptile Kite9292440Near Piata
Ripping BladeRipping Blade2921625168Ikuto
Rune FingerRune Finger3583705202Naval

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