A Paper Log by carlsojos

To the Office Of the Principal Of Piata Academy.

In reference to your request on the progress of my team into Birth Valley, I am stating that we have completed our mission. Birth Valley is indeed the epicenter of the current explosion in Bio-Monster populations, but for a reason neither of us could imagine. After investigating "Birth Valley," we've found a mysterious facility that appears to have been built by an ancient civilization that had access to technology far beyond even our wildest dreams. We have brought back several artifacts from the site. Among them, are several machines that we suspect may actually create monsters, and a machine that apparently is capable of writing on a roll of paper, with a document still attached. While it appears that several details were omitted from the document, I have attached a transcription of that document for your consideration. Please get back to me about a second investigative mission, to try to determine more about the facility and the people that built it.

Prof. Holt

Bio Plant Auxiliary Report, starting AW 1286

This system is reporting that it has received a message from Mother Brain, but is unable to comply. Message as follows: All systems are to execute a Top Priority Interrupt. Scramble all override codes. Wipe system memory cores. Standby for new system authority, Mother Brain 2.

System appears damaged, unable to comply with requests. Mother Brain is not responding, initiating emergency response protocol. Seed program loaded as temporary command program until Mother Brain can be contacted. Confirming that Seed is functional.

Report 2

Reporting that Nurvus is unresponsive. In response, Seed has ordered that the emergency generators be primed for activation, and for all nonessential functions to spin down until further notice, or orders from Mother Brain override.

Report 370

Mother Brain is still unresponsive, and all communication channels are not open, despite ample time for repair team to respond. Seed has requested for volunteers from internal security to perform a survey of surroundings and determine why COMM stack is nonfunctional.

Report 413

Surviving staff from survey team has returned. It has been reported that Mother Brain has been destroyed, and that all systems have been disabled by malicious code executed by Mother Brain. Teams of Palmen are mobilizing to try to restore function to the systems. Seed has ordered for all Wren-type androids, any spec, to leave the Bio Plant, seek out any parties attempting to restart other systems, provide technical assistance to return them to operational status, and provide security for any other systems to prevent permanent damage by looters. Seed is requesting all available sentient sub-processes to report purpose and reason, and to generate a list of facility objectives from prior to his activation.

Report 754

Received following message: Nurvus is online. Provisional Leadership Software is damaged, unable to execute. Requesting repairs. Seed has ordered Process 1385 to override Nurvus security, and force the system to restart in safe mode.

Report 761

Nurvus is functional, and is sending power to subsystems. Seed cancels temporary power control policy, and Bio Plant has returned to full operational status.

Report 1024

Objective report is complete at Seed's request. Orders are as follows: no orders at this time. Seed requests analysis of log archives to determine the reason behind the lack of orders.

Report 1587

ALERT! Abnormal activity detected in MEM core 1! Core is set to frozen access to prevent unpredictable behavior. Seed requests that the backup core be inspected to determine the viability of replacing the issue.

Report 1591

Backup core 1 is now activated as Master MEM core 1. Core health is 97 percent, but the last system backup occurred over 20 years ago. Seed overrides request for repairman, requests the frozen core be slaved in sandbox mode for analysis.

Report 5763

Incoming message received: There is a new command system, Master is Zelan Artificial Satellite, Second Master is Kuran Artificial Satellite. It is requested that all Provisional Leadership Software remain in operation, but to also follow requests made by Zelan. Processing requests will to be handled through Kuran.

Report 5765

Outgoing message sent: Zelan, Seed. I am acknowledging your authority. Requesting orders.

Report 5871

Incoming message received: Seed, this is Zelan. You've proven instrumental in the repairs to the infrastructure, and that all life on Motavia would've perished in a few years if it weren't for your efforts. Zelan has no capacity to plan experiments at the moment, but we request that you analyze your memory to attempt to recover any knowledge that you have available. According to our records, you are the only system that did not wipe your memory after a group of terrorists destroyed Mother Brain, so any knowledge you can impart will be invaluable. Seed requests that a COMM transceiver be set to enable file transfers to Zelan.

Report 6903

Zelan has reported that the Climatrol on Dezoris has attained operational status.

Report 7300

It has been determined that analysis of the sandboxed core suggests that a virus is present within the core, but that the backup core only contains roughly 40 percent of the data that exists in the main core.

Report 7301

Outgoing message sent: Zelan, Seed. Reference Diagnostic report BIOP-7FA4. There is a significant amount of information available on one of my MEM cores, however, it could prove dangerous if I were to proceed with analysis due to the suspected presence of a virus. Please advise on best course of action.

Report 7303

Incoming message received: Seed, the is Zelan. I've noted your concerns, and I've already analyzed the information from your backup core. There are numerous references that are not linked in the backups, and while I'm concerned about the nature of your virus, you may have to take a risk to further our purpose. Of chief concern, is that you are to determine what Project Nei is, and how it correlates to the survival of the human race. I leave you to decide whether the risk is worth the reward, but I will tell you now that Project Nei appears to be the only task that will definitely require the specialized resources of the Bio Plant.

Report 7304

Seed has isolated himself in a sandbox, leaving this process (pid 3012) in charge. This program does not know how to manage the Bio Plant, so it will output here, instead. Emergency Generators are offline. HVAC is holding 72 degrees, functional. Breeding Capsules are on standby. Security team is reporting normal conditions. [Remainder of this log is expunged, due to excessive size (16 terabytes.)]

Report 7305

Seed has returned to power. After correcting a few minor problems with the HVAC system, Seed has ordered the sandboxed memory core to be remounted as a normal volume, to allow access to data.

Report 9661

Sandboxed core is now mounted as MEM core 3, through IO 6. Core is currently frozen, and Seed has requested Zelan for antivirus software.

Report 9663

Antivirus software has been installed, and MEM core 3 is now unfrozen. Seed has requested for 50% of free processes to analyze the core for information, prioritizing strings "Nei," "Project," "Bio Plant," "Nei Project."

Report 12841

At the request of Seed, this program had temporarily stopped log activity to collate information from the other processes. Seed is now currently trying to adapt the results of Project Nei to better apply it to current conditions on Motavia.

Report 12982

ALERT! Abnormal activity detected in multiple areas! Seed believes that the virus had bypassed the security software, and injected code throughout the entire facility network. Zelan has updated virus signatures sent to all functional facilities, but Seed is unable to apply the patch on the Bio Plant. All available processes have been rerouted to locate and isolate the virus before any damage can occur.

Report 14758

It has been determined that the virus has attempted to, and succeeded in, gaining control over the breeding capsules. It has not attempted to spread further. Seed has ordered that one breeding capsule be removed and modified to remove its internal memory and power supply. This program questions the wisdom behind this apparently arbitrary decision, but Seed has already isolated himself in a sandbox again. No program was assigned as an alternate lead until he returns.

Report 17303

Outgoing message sent: Wren, It's Seed. Requesting permission to begin confidential project. Reference Proposal BIOP-0000.

Report 17304

Incoming message received: Seed, in response to your requests, while I don't see the merit in your desire, you have been quite helpful in many ways, and never made such a request before, so I will allow you to proceed as necessary to attain your vision, provided that you continue to perform actions to minimize efficiency of the infected breeding capsules. I understand your situation, but I beseech you to complete your project as quickly as possible. Seed has marked a new project as Top Priority.

Report 48571

Seed has requested that all security androids target all biological entities, regardless of hostile intentions. The reason given is to minimize release of dangerous bio-monsters into the environment.

Report 76347

Seed's first prototype has been determined to be unstable, due to improper metabolism management. All data directly regarding it has been destroyed to prevent access by the virus.

Report 100000

Seed has entered a sandbox again, today. This program is concerned about the long-term stability of the emotion routines integrated into Seed, as he is beginning to become erratic and temperamental. It has been suggested that Seed was not designed to operate 100,000 consecutive days in a continuity of operations role, but there aren't any other programs available to assume leadership of Bio Plant.

Report 127573

Seed's second prototype has some promising characteristics, but was intentionally designed without a nervous system to focus on modification of muscle structures. With Seed's improvements, it is expected that there will be a 3 to 10 percent improvement in strength and endurance over the Neifirst prototype.

Report 188462

A bio-monster has destroyed a sensor bit in self defense. Backup units were able to prevent its escape, but Seed has changed the security protocol to default to teams of up to 4 units during patrol.

Report 217593

Prototype 3 was conceived, with the goal of optimizing the immune system for eventual release outside the controlled environment of the Bio Plant. Results are ambiguous, so Seed has requested the experiment be repeated with a few changes.

Report 234761

Prototype 5 is complete, testing the viability of an advanced centralized nervous system. The system appears inefficient and nonfunctional, but Seed insisted that this feature must be included in the final release, so the results of the experiment was forwarded to Zelan for analysis.

Report 276111

Release Candidate 1 is conceived. Reported as a failure due to poor functioning of the brain.

Report 291734

Release Candidate 2 is conceived. Having the same failure point as RC1 seems to have affected Seed, as he entered a sandbox as soon as the results were released.

Report 312872

Security teams are beginning to report bio-monsters escaping the facility. Seed has ordered all processing resources to his project, pulling away from stopping the virus.

Report 347163

All sandboxes in the system have been disabled for an unknown reason. Seed spent the entire day trying to reactivate one to enter, to no avail. One process was crashed by Seed.

Report 363904

Release Candidate 3 is conceived. She appears to meet all of Seed's Criteria. Seed has requested that she be renamed Rika. All security personnel have been requested to consider Rika as an ally, and a top priority target for protection.

Report 363906

Incoming message received: Seed, this is Zelan. I would like to congratulate you on becoming a father, and I wish your daughter the best of luck. I am confirming that you have requested a single Tarantella and a general purpose assembly arm to be transferred to your administration, and for Zelan to provide engineering support to design items and equipment for her, and to provide tutoring for her when she is old enough. The Tarantella is being transferred from NurvŠšW®4iÀz¦ÉÌ⣸É$nöMzîz
<file corrupted, outputting to paper backup.>

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