Burn in my Light by Damon "DarkMyau" Suffin

The throne room was bare. A black and white checkered floor with dark blue walls and three stone steps leading up to the king's throne. Next to the step were two marble columns that reached the ceiling, but that was all the king of the entire Algol Star System had to decorate his hall.

A dark blue cape with a red lining adorned him, clasped to two golden shoulder pads. Underneath, a black robe that fell to his dark yellow boots was covered above the waist by a strangely glowing suit of golden armour. On his head sat the Crown of Algol, its laconian metal glowing blue in the light. The only laconia he allowed near him. The crown had been reforged for him and now covered his head like a helmet with two cruel looking horns protruding above his ears.

The sound of battle outside his doors was getting ever louder and with a final crash the doors flew open. The body of a Centaur flew through, crashing onto the floor in front of the old king.

His dark red eyes glowed as he finally saw them. Them!

For weeks now he had been hearing about their efforts to undermine him. Their brazen rebellion irked him deeply. The people were supposed to fear him, yet these four did not.

The girl... Hayashida. He knew the name. Her brother had been a rebel leader and a thorn in his side. But that had been dealt with months ago. Realization crossed his face. She wanted revenge.

He rose from his throne and descended the stairs to meet them. "Ah, My children." He nodded to them all in a kindly tone. "You have done very well to come this far. You are very lucky indeed." He looked innocently at the girl. "Do you really wish to kill an old man?"

The girl only nodded in reply, her eyes burning into his.

"All right." He sighed in resignation. "We shall remember this as an unfortunate mistake". And with that he raised a large staff he held in his right hand. A blue jewel encased in the gold pommel glowed for an instant as lightning bolts shot out of it. One hit each of them, sending the four crashing to the ground. Lassic's smile was one of triumph, but wasn’t to last as the large man rose. No pain was visible on his handsome young face as he spoke.

Odin: "A nebula rising up out from the black of deceiving lies."

The man pointed his giant axe at the old king.

Odin: "A new star is born now. He brings you the light with his hands untied."

The cat was next to rise. Its eyes glittered as it also raised its voice.

Myau: "They tried so hard to follow. But no one can! Inside you are so hollow, you understand."

Odin and Myau: "Hey, nothing you can say! Nothing's gonna change what you've done to me."

The girl spoke up, somehow louder and angrier than the other two.

Alis: "Now, it's time to shine. I'm gonna take what's mine while you're burning inside my light!"

The final one. A man in a long white robe raised his own staff as he spoke.

Lutz: "We gave and you took and believed in you, but we made a mistake. It's clear that your fear is so near because I see the look on your face. You tried to hold us under. We held our breaths. Alone and now you wonder. What we possess!

The four charged and slashed hard at the old king with their weapons.

The cat was the fastest. But he threw his strange blade wide, missing.

Next was the large man who swung his axe in a wide arc, crashing into Lassic's torso, which sent him to the floor avoiding the girl's swing with her glowing blue sword. Struggling to his feet, he managed to raise his staff to shoot a fresh round of lightning, sending the man and woman back in pain, with the Musk cat retreating back to them to administer aid. The esper, however, had dodged the lightning and had raised his own staff. Lassic grunted in pain as three spirals of wind pushed at his armour, but he rose to his feet. "You cannot defeat me" he roared.

The four: "Hey, there's nothing you can say! Nothing's gonna change what you've done to us! Now, it's time to shine. We're gonna take what's ours while you're burning inside our light!"

Lassic's roar of anger was only dwarfed by the lightning exploding from his staff as the four heroes again fell to the ground in pain. Lassic frowned as the cat glowed brightly and the large man was healed. The wizard on his knees again pointed his staff and three more spirals of wind pushed hard against Lassic's body. The old king was too slow to stop the girl's sword slashing across his shoulder but a loud clang told him he had blocked the axe.

They again regrouped. The four heroes faced off against the king. The cat again glowed and the girl's panting slowed and she stood straighter.

The four: "Hey, there's nothing you can say! Nothing's gonna change what you've done to us! Now, it's time to shine. We're gonna take what's ours while you're burning inside our light!"

The wind spell again hit hard and Lassic felt his armour finally give as the axe crashed into his side, sending him tumbling back.

Odin: "You're gonna burn in my light!"

Lassic felt weak. Pain seemed to resonate from every inch of his body and he struggled to rise to his knees. As he raised his head he saw white boots. Looking up, he saw the girl, a mask of rage covering her face and her sword raised in both hands over her head. As the sword plunged down towards him she cried:

Alis: "Burn in my light!"

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