A Lesson Well Learned by DezoPenguin

"Alys!" the bartender at the Hunter's Guild tavern called cheerily. Alys Brangwin waved in response.

"Afternoon, Garn."

"What'll it be? The usual for you, maybe a mila for the kid?"

Alys shook her head.

"Nope. I'm just here to teach Chaz a bit about human nature. I figured a demonstration would suit better than a lot of talk, and be easier on my throat."

A fair number of hunters envied fourteen-year-old Chaz Ashley. Alys had more or less adopted the boy on one of her jobs, and now he was her apprentice, studying the methods of the Guild's most famous and successful member. They figured it would be a short trip to fame and fortune once Chaz became a full-fledged hunter with that training behind him.

"Can I help?" Garn offered.

"Thanks, but I think I've got it covered." Her cool blue eyes had been scanning the crowd and it seemed she had finally spotted her quarry.

"Hey, Joss!" Alys called. "Can I borrow you for a second?"

Joss Howland, a big, handsome lunk of a hunter, stood up from his table and swaggered over. Lots of women liked Joss—so long as they weren't looking for someone with a working brain.

"Hey there, Alys. Finally decided that a hot babe like you should give the best a try?"

Ignoring the idiot, Alys turned to Chaz.

"Now do you understand what I mean?"

Chaz's head bobbed up and down.

"Oh, yes, now I get it. Geez, Alys, coming on to her like that I'm surprised all Melissa did was slap my face!"