Lost COMMON SENSE by DezoPenguin

"Please!" Hopkins begged. "My dad gave me that Soul Blade. I can't do my job without it!"

"Vol Opt, eh?" said the male Hunter who was the leader of the team of four interested in taking Hopkins' commission. "I've heard of that. Some kind of giant robot that keeps rebuilding itself inside the computer core of the mines?"

Next to him, the slender FOnewearl sighed. First they'd retrieved Hopkins' Heat Sword from a Dragon, and then his Ice Spinner from that giant worm in the caves. Now he'd gone and done it again. Really, that guy was hopeless.

"We can handle it," said the huge android Ranger who provided the team's long-distance firepower.

"Yeah," agreed the fourth member, another male Hunter. "We get the kid's Blade. It'll be easy money."

"All right," the leader said, "we'll take the job." Under his breath he muttered, "His dad should have given him a brain." He led the four of them out of the Hunter's Guild. As soon as the doors slid shut, the three hunters left inside burst out laughing.

"They went for it again?" marveled one of them, a female Newman with spiky red hair.

"I can't believe they're still buying this," said the third, a purple-armored, helmeted Ranger.

"Hey," Hopkins said, "it's perfect. The compassionate ones want to help out poor little Hopkins, and the arrogant ones want to show off how big and bad they are. One way or another, the story sucks them in, especially with you two backing it up."

"I have to admit," the redhead noted, "that when you signed us up to retrieve that collection of Hellenborr-made weapons, I thought you were crazy, Hopkins. I mean, I don't care how much that collector is paying, we'd get slaughtered, but instead we get those guys to do it for us and only have to pay them half the money!" She broke out laughing again.

"Yes, maybe next time we should sent them to look for their lost brains! Sooner or later they might need them!"