Bullies by Joel Fagin

Author's note: This one is set just before another of my stories, "Nero's Other" and just after Day 522 in "Alis In Training". In terms of the game, it is set just before the final assault on Baya Malay. Not that you really need to know any of that but it is nice to know that Alis has Elsydeon.

Suelo leant against the door, listening to the crowd. No, not a crowd, a mob. Faithless Lassic, why did these things always happen when they weren't around?

Stupid question.

"Open up! We know you're in there!"

Suelo managed a private smile. She had a smart one at the door this time.

"We demand you let us in! This is all your fault!

"Yeah!" called the crowd.

"Your friends are making our lives miserable!"

Your friends, too, thought Suelo. Don't you remember that?

"Lassic is giving us all grief because you give them shelter! There are Robotcops on every corner!"


"The city's full of the things!"


Then someone said, "What things?"

Suelo felt a wave of relief. She knew the new voice, with all its penetrating authority. Knew it very well. Being older, she used to save its owner from bullying at school, on the rare occasions that the owner's brother was not around.

She opened the door. Nobody was watching her house any more. They were all looking out on the street.

"Uh…" said someone.

"I asked what things?"

"Uh, the Robotcops."

Alis grinned unpleasantly. Her sword was smoking.

"What Robotcops?"