Jingle Bells Online by Joel Fagin

Author's note: Maxx, webmaster of the Phantasy Star Pages, puts up a collection of Phantasy Star themed Christmas stuff – mostly carols – every year. This was my donation, cobbled up whilst I was in a rather dull class.

Dashing through the snow
with a dragon bearing down
Dodging left and right
ice blasting all around
Avoiding all the holes
with the camera pointing up
so you can't see them worth a damn
and must rely on poor dumb luck

Jingle bells, Jingle bells
playing on Pioneer
Which is why we stay down
on Ragol 'til New Years

Stuck on a wonky raft
no where for you to run
Blasting Dal-Ra-Lie
is an awful lot of fun
He's much harder than 'Rol-Le
and believe me that's the truth
but if you manage to kill the guy
you can watch him eat the roof

P-S-O, P-S-O
Playing every day
Oh what fun it is to kill
the bosses every way

Zapped from every side
shooting at the screens
I'm not sure why that should hurt
this weird computer being
Vol Opt Version 2
has all the exits plugged
I'm just glad that V2 means
he's not properly debugged

Ul-ti-mate, ul-ti-mate
Damn this mode's the pits
What's the point of healing
when you die from just one hit?

We've made it to Dark Falz
and boy, this guy is mad
First form is pretty easy
but the third is awful bad
Not enough H-P
I'm dying all the time
I've heard you need a thousand
and I've only nine-nine-nine

Done the game, won the game
Beaten every way
Finished it and seen the end
on a Merry Christmas day - HEY!