Requiems by Joel Fagin

Author's note: The mental image which inspired 'Requiem to the Fallen' was of the Esper catacombs, the walls filled with the chiselled names of all those who have died in the millennial wars against the Darkness. The poem is on a plaque which is the centrepiece of the memorial.

There isn't much to say about 'Requiem to the Sacrifice', except that it was inspired by 'Requiem to the Fallen' and that it compliments it quite well.

Requiem to the Fallen

Its life was hate
and war, and death
It came,
borne by a tide of blood
and tears
With the war to end them all
its storm swept the world of sanity
Here we remember some of those who died
and those who worked to save us

Nero Alis Odin Lutz Myau

Rolf Nei Rudo Amy
Anna Hugh Kain Shir

Chaz Alys Rika Rune Wren
Hahn Raja Kyra Demi Gryz

- Inscription in the Esper temple catacombs.

Requiem to the Sacrifice

Alys, sweet Alys
Walking in the shadow of dark tidings
Death followed in your steps,
his feet not making a sound on the hardest ground
and not a mark on the softest

Alys, strong Alys
Doing all that you could do for us
Now beyond Darkness, beyond time
Your weapons were as starbright as your will to fight
You left your life to spare me mine

- Inscription on Alys' tombstone