The Night Before Christmas (Subjective) by Joel Fagin

Author's note: This oh-so-very-short story was posted on the Phantasy Star forum just before Christmas 1999. It's not very jolly, I'm afraid.

"Tomorrow is Christmas," said Mother Brain.

Daniel sat up in his chair. "You're kidding! No, it can't be. It's July."

"For you, it's December 24th."


"Given that you initially entered hibernation on March 28th, 3015, and taking into account the subsequent eight months and twenty six days you have spent out of stasis over the last three hundred and forty seven years for routine maintenance work on the Noah, by your personal clock it is now Christmas Eve."

Daniel subsided back into his chair. "Oh joy. Do I get a present?"

"No. I just thought you might be interested."

"Peace on Earth," Daniel muttered.

"It's long dead," said Mother Brain, and then seemed to think about it. "So, yes. Peace on Earth."