Fan Games

Phantasy Star... 20 Years Past

Phantasy Star... 20 Years Past - An ideological sequel of the beloved series.

Phantasy Star IV: A New Age

Phantasy Star IV: A New Age - A sequel to Phantasy Star IV with a twist, by Elías Jota Esebe.

Chaz Adventure

Chaz Adventure

Chaz Adventure - A finished fan game about Chaz from PSIV. The game takes place on Motavia in Chaz' younger days. Did I mention that it's a full game ^_^ ?

Raja Adventure

Raja Adventure

Raja Adventure - Explore the life of young Raja from PSIV. Another excellent complete fan-made game by the makers of Chaz Adventure.

Gryz' Quest

Gryz' Quest

Gryz' Quest - This game takes place about one year before PSIV. Help Gryz investigate Zio's cult. Complete fan game!

Kyra's Quest

Kyra's Quest

Kyra's Quest - This game also takes place about one year before PSIV. Help Kyra and her friend Kalsu as they try to uncover the cause of the mysterious illness on the island The Cat's Claw. Complete fan game!

PSII 1/2 Fallen Planet

Fallen Planet

Phantasy Star II 1/2 Fallen Planet - Non-linear storyline! You decide to be a nice guy or a jerk. Meet the character Jams! Complete beta version released.

Phantasy Star III2k

Phantasy Star III2k

Phantasy Star III2k First Generation - Complete remake of Phantasy Star III's first generation (Rhys Adventure). Experience new additions to the adventure.

PSIV: Fade To Gray

Fade To Gray

Phantasy Star IV: Fade To Gray - The game takes place in AW2275, roughly ten years before Phantasy Star IV begins. You play as Hahn. You can find a playable demo inside.

Phantasy Star: Dark Millenium

PS Dark Millenium

Phantasy Star: Dark Millenium - This fan game has been under production for many years. In fact, PSDM was probably the first Phantasy Star-related fan game project. Download the amazing demo!

Phantasy Star TG


Phantasy Star TurboGrafx - This is an amazing demo coded into a TurboGrafx ROM, which means you have to download an emulator to play this PS fan game.

The Ages of Neo Palm

Ages of Neo Palm

The Ages of Neo Palm - This is the first demo release of the fan game "The Ages of Neo Palm". The story takes place in AW1286, the year when Palma was destroyed.

PS Restoration

Phantasy Star Restoration

Phantasy Star Restoration - This fan game takes place on the same date as PSII. An amazing first release demo is included. A must for any PSII fan!

PSV: The New Millenium

PSV The New Millenium

Phantasy Star V: The New Millenium - Here we gooooo, the project to create PSV, and I'm not talking about PSO.

The Devastation War game

The Devastation War

The Devastation War - This game is about a PC game that is under construction. It's about the the devastation war. Screenshots, music and more can be previewed.

PSV calculator game

PSV Calc. Game

Phantasy Star V calculator game - A neat Phantasy Star fan game to be played with the Ti-83/83+ Calculator series.

PS: Eternal Story

Phantasy Star Eternal Story

Phantasy Star: Eternal Story - Is a Phantasy Star IRC game. Join the adventure...

Phantasy Star IV CCG


PSIV CCG - It is a PSIV card game. The rules are simple to follow and gameplay is easy if you have ever played Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon.

Civilization 2 Motavia Scenario

Motavia Scenario

Civilization 2 Motavia Scenario - This is a Civilization 2 scenario based on the PSI planet Motavia.

Phantasy Star II Text Adventures

Java games

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