Phantasy Star IV: Fade To Gray

Game plot

The game takes place in AW2275, roughly ten years before Phantasy Star IV begins. Hahn is entering his final year at Krup Acadamy, a facility of learning equivilant to a highschool. It is here where the people of Motavia learn to become hunters, armorsmiths, tech users and etc. After two years they typically move on, however a few go on to the university in Piata to continue their learning. Most specialize in one area in particular, Hahn's being weapon and armor smithing. It's a good thing too, otherwise Hahn would probably never have went, as it seems that is all his father cares about.

In Hahn's first year here, there were one-hundred-fifty-seven students. However, upon returning for his second and final year, there were only three aside from himself. All others died en route to Krup when their parties were all mysteriously simultaniously attacked by biomonsters.

Only one party survived, due to the intervention of Ston Vulan, one of two guards outside of Krup. This party contained a mere two female tech students, by the names of Joan Reane and Angi Gomez. The other surviving student, Toph Rivierra, is a native of Krup who was never in any danger. Much to Hahn's chagrine, as the two have never actually gotten along that great.

Hahn's first day of the new school year is... awkward at best, due to the overhanging tragedy. However, things start to look up a bit as Hahn finds a friend in Joan. There is a race to retrieve an item from the school basement, which has recently been overrun with monsters (woah, deja vu), and Hahn wins.

Then, a few weeks later, the group is split up and sent in pairs to retrieve a Laconian Dagger from Molcum, which the motavians have held for a dozen generations but have finally chosen to donate to science. For a few million meseta, anyway.

Hahn is surprised by all of this, as last year the biggest field trip they went on was to see some long-winded archeologist type person named Professor Holt speak on how great some guy named Dr. Lubietz was. Hahn fell asleep.

Now, Hahn is sent out alone with Joan to travel all the way to Molcum, with only a knife and basic knowledge of the WAT technique to defend himself. Not to mention that it's sandworm egg-laying season.

Game created by Miles McCloud.


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Download Phantasy Star IV: Fade To Gray demo preview.

To play the game, you will need to install the RPG Maker 2003 runtime package.

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