Phantasy Star II 1/2 Fallen Planet


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The year is AW 1284. The planet of Palm is known for its affluent culture and beautiful cities. But unknown to the rest of the solar sytem is that all is not well on the green planet, and a dark cloud of doom hangs over its citizens. You are Jams, an infamous mercenary for hire whose dubious morals can be considered both ingenious and despicable. With an eye for the beautiful women of Palm, and a nose for trouble, he and his best friend and conscience, Josh, embark on a quest to find out who trashed Jams' house after he returns home from a job, and this leads them down paths they couldn't ever imagine.

Welcome to Palm! Visit our lush forests and peaceful valleys, or, enjoy the nightlife in the clubs of the big cities. Tour the famous Medusa's Castle or the ruins of Baya Malay! Rent out a hovercraft and spend days adrift of the crystal clear waters of Scion Ocean, ski on the snow-capped mountains of Naula, or tour the Mother Brain central, the first-ever artificial continent! Do it all! Come to Palm and bring your Meseta pouch! We have all the luxuries money can buy, and everything is perfect on the only green planet of Algo!

Or is it...?

The events of this story take place over the year prior to Palm's destruction.

Game created by James Quinn.


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Download Phantasy Star II 1/2 Fallen Planet Beta v1.0. You will need WinRAR to extract the installation file.

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